UW-Superior Foundation

Foundation Homepage Winter 2020


  • I am incredibly thankful for being awarded a scholarship. It goes a long way in creating a foundation for my future. The support I receive is a vital component of why I chose UW-Superior, and it helps to make my dreams a reality. Read more.
  • I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was a seventh grade student, when I was inspired by a teacher. The scholarships I’ve received help me afford my education and get me one step closer to my dream. Read more.
  • When I learned that I had been awarded a scholarship I was ecstatic. It helped me worry less about funding my studies and allows me to do my best to keep my grades high. Read more.
  • Scholarships enable me to study and raise my family rather than have to find another job. Thank you for your generous support through my educational journey. Read more.
  • Becoming an elementary teacher has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I recall feeling devastated in Kindergarten when I couldn't make a star to grade papers as my teachers did, so I kept making stars on scratch paper until I mastered it. Like then, I am determined to face and conquer the challenges to become an effective education professional. The support I receive from Foundation donors greatly assists me along my journey, and I am immensely thankful. Read more.