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  • Thank you so much to everyone who made this scholarship possible and for putting me a step closer to reaching my goals. Read more.
  • I have been studying voice privately for eight years now, and I think I made more progress with the UW-Superior Music faculty in just two semesters than I had in my previous seven years. I am so proud of how far I have come and I am so excited to keep working next year. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the generosity that has been shown to me through Foundation scholarships. Music and singing are my passion, and I will not forget that the reason I am even able to attend this amazing school and pursue that passion is because of your generosity. Thank you Foundation donors.
  • I am humbled that I was selected to receive a Foundation scholarship. The Master’s Degree Program in Sustainable Management is providing challenging course work that is stretching my capacity and expanding my horizons. It is accomplishing what I had hoped to gain by enrolling in the program. Thank you to the Foundation donors and the volunteers and staff who work hard to secure the gifts that benefit students at UW Superior and help make these programs possible. And thank you very much for the scholarship.
  • Thank you very much for assisting me in becoming a school counselor and licensed professional counselor. With your contribution I can provide a better tomorrow for myself, my family, and our community. Thank you for being part of my journey, seeing the best in me, and being the caring soul that gives. Even though I may never meet my scholarships' donors, I want them to know that they have made a difference.
  • The Swenson Scholarship has taken a huge load off my shoulders and helps motivate me. Read more.