UW-Superior Foundation


  • I am excited to be at UW-Superior, and when I stepped on campus the first time I knew it was the place for me. The people, friends, experiences, and studies on campus are possible because of its generous supporters. I am incredibly honored and blessed to have your support. Thank you so much! Read more.
  • I have been studying voice privately for eight years now, and I think I made more progress with the UW-Superior Music faculty in just two semesters than I had in my previous seven years. I am so proud of how far I have come and I am so excited to keep working next year. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the generosity that has been shown to me through Foundation scholarships. Music and singing are my passion, and I will not forget that the reason I am even able to attend this amazing school and pursue that passion is because of your generosity. Thank you Foundation donors.
  • Thank you for your generous support to UW-Superior. The strong relationships with faculty members and programs creates so many opportunities for students like me. I am excited to continue down the path of the Transportation and Logistics Management major that donors help make possible, and I deeply appreciate the scholarship I received.
  • By awarding me a Foundation scholarship I will be able to concentrate more on what is important, education and learning for myself, my students, and my colleagues. The donor's generosity has lessened my burden as I pursue my goals. I look forward to continue to use the knowledge and experience I've gained through my coursework to contribute more to the educational community through my teaching career. Thank you for your generous support!
  • I am beyond grateful to be awarded a Foundation scholarship. I work hard when not in my studies so I can afford them, and the scholarship support means so much for my academics. I am excited for my studies in student health and wellness so I can do everything to help students and become a school hockey coach. In addition, through the UW-Superior Varsity Hockey Team I am out in the community volunteering and at school events. Scholarship support allows all of this to happen.