UW-Superior Foundation


  • The scholarships I’ve received help me to pursue my education and opportunities, further my experiences, and achieve my goals. The contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you Read more.
  • By receiving a Foundation scholarship my financial burden has lightened and I can focus on my academics and my music. The award boosted my confidence and reinforced my desire to give back to future generations as the teachers and donors at this university have done for me. Read more.
  • I am excited to be at UW-Superior, and when I stepped on campus the first time I knew it was the place for me. The people, friends, experiences, and studies on campus are possible because of its generous supporters. I am incredibly honored and blessed to have your support. Thank you so much! Read more.
  • From this relatively small university, time and time again there has been greatness that has been created. Read more.
  • I appreciate that others are doing what they can to encourage me to continue to improve myself and provide me with the education and tools to take on new opportunities. Read more.