Jeremy and Christine Welsand

We are thrilled to know that we are helping college students complete their education, similar to our own experiences!

I recently received the UW-Superior alumni newsletter and was reading about the UW-Superior Foundation and its work when I realized that my husband, Jeremy, and I should consider giving back. Jeremy and I are at a place in life where we have been blessed and we are able to give financially to support efforts we feel strongly about. We put the wheels in motion and met with a Foundation staff member and talked about the various ways we could give. After weighing our options, we agreed to start an Endowment Scholarship to create a legacy for UW-Superior students for years to come. We are thrilled to know that we are helping college students complete their education, similar to our own experiences! 

Jeremy and I both received our undergraduate degrees from UW-Superior. Jeremy graduated with a degree in accounting in 1993, and I got a degree in Corporate and Community Health in 1994. We met at UW-Superior in 1992 and got married in 1994 after we both graduated.

Each of us was fully responsible for putting ourselves through college. While having no financial assistance from our families for tuition was difficult, we both received scholarships to attend UWS. These scholarships were incredibly helpful and the only way we could have each made it through our degree completion.

Jeremy specifically remembers thinking of the generosity of the scholarship donors. He was blown away and so thankful for receiving a scholarship from someone who didn't even know him. Jeremy always thought that it would be such a great gift to be able to do the same if he was ever in a position to do so.

I too was extremely thankful for the financial help the scholarships provided. While in my junior year, I was barely able to make ends meet. I contemplated taking time off because I wasn't sure I could make tuition, but the scholarships bridged that gap and allowed me to finish my degree. 

If you are considering giving back, we would recommend that you take the leap of faith.  The Foundation staff was great at providing several options that would fit our circumstances and walked us through the process. It feels great to give back and know that college kids may feel the same thankfulness that we felt when we received financial help from a stranger.