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You can make an immediate gift to support UW-Superior students by donating to the scholarship or campus department of your choice. Simply choose one of the payment methods on our Ways to Give page and specify your gift designation when making your gift.

Or, you may prefer to establish a scholarship endowment to permanently support UW-Superior students. For more information, please contact Jeanne Thompson, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement at 715-394-8598 or jthomp51@uwsuper.edu.

Student Scholarship Stories

T.J. Smith

Trevor "T.J." Smith
Duluth, Minnesota
Broad Field Social Studies Major with a focus in History
Political Science for Teaching and Information Technology Minors
Andy Borg VFW Scholarship
Doyle Scholarship for History Excellence
Stone Memorial Scholarship
VFW Scholarship

T.J. Smith wants to be a middle school or high school social studies teacher, and he is grateful to UW-Superior Foundation donors for helping to make it possible. "It is a great feeling to know that there are others in the community that care enough about my education to donate money towards these scholarships," said T.J., who graduated in May 2014. "Receiving scholarships greatly helped me financially, as it eased the burden of my education costs."

Staff Sergeant Smith's decision to pursue a career in teaching exemplifies his spirit to serving the United States, and the people of Wisconsin and Minnesota. T.J. was able to continue his pursuit of a degree while being activated, and during that time maintained the high academic standard that he had been known for. Carl Huber, coordinator for the UW-Superior Veterans and Nontraditional Student Center (VNSC), had this to say about his spirit: "T.J. is a passionate individual who not only has a distinguished career serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, but has also achieved academic success as a student leader focusing on a teaching career in elementary education."

T.J. joined the Minnesota Army National Guard in 1999, and was deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2009 to 2010. T.J. was awarded the Bronze Star for his service, and continues to serve in C Troop 1-94th Cavalry in Cloquet, Minnesota. "He is someone that exemplifies personal character, integrity, and service to our community. The VNSC recognized T.J. at our Veterans Day ceremony last November, as one of the first thirteen awardees of the Excellence in Service award," added Huber.

T.J. has this message for UW-Superior Foundation scholarship donors: "Thank you so much! To know that there are other people that value my education is very humbling. I hope someday that I am able to pay your kindness forward."

Melody Kosobucki

Melody Kosobucki
Solon Springs, Wisconsin
Music Major - Piano Performance
Rudolph and Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
Betty Musolf Scholarship
Wisconsin Music Teachers Association Scholarship

Receiving Foundation scholarships has been a great blessing to Melody Kosobucki. Melody, a music major who will graduate this May with a bachelor's degree in piano performance, says scholarships make her feel valued as a student. She wants donors to know how much she appreciates their support of the university and its students. "Having these scholarships helps relieve the pressures of school by taking care of expenses - so that I can just worry about being the best student and musician I can be," said Melody.

Melody grew up nearby in Solon Springs, and plays piano at her hometown church on Sundays. She also gives lessons to many of our local youth. Melody plans on attending graduate school this fall, and will possibly go on to earn her doctorate. She says receiving scholarships have helped her tremendously with college expenses. "Foundation scholarships greatly help me to cover the expenses of school. This allows me to be more focused on my studies and practice routines, instead of working three different jobs in order to get by."

Dr. Beth Gilbert, music department faculty and chair, had this to say about the gifted student she's known since high school, "Melody has been an outstanding student here at UW-Superior. She has won the university concerto competition three times to solo with the orchestra, is consistently on the Dean's list, and is an "accompanist extraordinaire" around the music department. The UW-Superior Foundation scholarships she has received have really helped her to not be overly burdened with work while attending college."

"To be a piano performance major like Melody takes a great deal of practice time and commitment - the financial help is so greatly appreciated!" added Dr. Gilbert. Teaching piano at a university, while remaining an active performer, is Melody's dream for the future.She also hopes scholarships will continue to be available for future UW-Superior students.

Sam Holden

Sam Holden
Spooner, Wisconsin Accounting and Finance major
Sentry Insurance Student Leadership Scholarship

Sam Holden, an accounting and finance major from Spooner, Wisconsin, has big dreams for his future. "My ultimate career goal is to become self-employed at some point and run my own successful accounting practice. Later in life I would love to invest in a resort in Canada or prime hunting grounds in the Midwest and open a hunting/fishing resort because it is truly my passion."

He is well on his way to achieving his goals, thanks to his hard work and a Foundation scholarship. "The scholarship money graciously given to me by Sentry Insurance goes a LONG way towards managing the financial aspect of college. Scholarships, which are generously donated by individuals and businesses, are an integral part of my college career. Tuition costs aren't going to decline any time soon, so every penny helps."

After Sam graduates in December 2015, he plans on pursuing his CPA license immediately after college and begin a career in public accounting. "Whether or not I stay in public accounting will depend on my first couple years of job experience," says Sam. He hopes an internship with a public accounting firm in the area leads to his first accounting position. As a student employee, he is currently gaining valuable experience in the Advancement Office at UW-Superior.

In addition to being a full-time student, Sam is also a member of the Yellowjacket Baseball team and is learning how to juggle all of his commitments. "Being a student-athlete has so many benefits I can't name them all. Some may say that the time commitments that come with being an athlete will have a negative effect on schooling, but the opposite is true for me and many of my teammates. Having a crammed schedule has taught me to become very good at managing my time as it relates to school and baseball, and also being very disciplined in a way that many students will never experience." 

Sam has one more thing he wants donors to know. "You may be wondering, how much does my contribution really help? My answer to you is that there is no scholarship amount that won't benefit or mean a great deal to a student here at UW-Superior."

Photo by Ivy Vainio

Amara Okorigbo
Amukachi, Akabo, Imo State, Nigeria
Economics and Finance major, Mathematics minor
Thea M. Anderson Scholarship
Shippar/Beam Economics Program Enhancement Scholarship

Amarachi (Amara) Okorigbo graduated in May of 2013 with a degree in both economics and finance. She now hopes to make a difference in her native country in a big way. "I plan to work with the government of my country, and help to establish policies that will positively transform the lives of underprivileged individuals."

Amara says Foundation scholarships had a large impact on her academic career. "The scholarships I received at UW-Superior will forever have an impact on my life. I came to UWS with the plan of finishing my undergraduate degree in 3 years so that I could save some money. With the aid of scholarships, I was able to graduate with two majors."

Amara is grateful she had the opportunity to express her gratitude to Dr. Robert Beam and Don Shippar in person. She wants to send this message to her other scholarship contributors. "I want them to know that my parents will forever appreciate them, and I hope that someday I can influence somebody's life in the manner that they have influenced mine."

Nicole Dunbar

Nicole Dunbar
Withee, Wisconsin
Accounting major
Leslie Olsen Scholarship

Nicole Dunbar put off going to college because of the cost. She eventually changed her mind after realizing that a university education is a critical investment in her future. She enrolled at UW-Superior and was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship through the UW-Superior Foundation.

The scholarship is important to Nicole. "It helps me to focus more on my classes and grades, and less on working long hours to pay for school," she said.  

Nicole's career goals include becoming a Certified Public Accountant and working for an accounting firm. With her experience as a nontraditional student and a mind for numbers, she's good at explaining the obstacles facing many of today's students. "Financial matters keep a lot of people from getting an education," she said. "Scholarships help to alleviate financial burdens and allow people to get an education who may have not had the opportunity to do so without a scholarship." 

"Being a scholarship donor is an investment opportunity into not only the donor's future, but everyone else's," she added. "Plus, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone achieve a goal which they may not have been able to reach without your help."

Orrin Botten

Orrin Botten
Poplar, Wisconsin
Secondary Education - Mathematics major, Coaching minor
Francis and Delores DeVinck Scholarship
Hanson-Hulbert Mathematics Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Nichols Scholarship
Superior Area Retired Educators Association Scholarship

Orrin Botten has an ambitious vision for his future.

"I want to be a high school math teacher and a coach of golf, football or basketball," he said. "I also want to go back to school to get my masters degree in administration because eventually I want to be in the position of principal, vice principal or athletic director."

In preparing to become an educator, Orrin has received four scholarships through the UW-Superior Foundation. They have played a critical role in his success as a student.

"Receiving the scholarships has relieved the burden of worrying about my financial situation while going to school," he said. "It has allowed me to focus greater attention on my studies and pursuing my career. As a prospective teacher I was always worried about being buried in loans and making a low salary. Well, now that isn't a problem with me because I have received some great Foundation scholarships."

"Scholarships also help students with academics," he added. "I know I tried harder in class knowing that I had to maintain a 3.0 GPA to keep receiving my scholarships."

Kelly Bergstrom

Kelly Bergstrom
Superior, Wisconsin
Biology major and Psychology major, Spanish minor
Swenson Scholarship

Receiving a Swenson Scholarship through the UW-Superior Foundation has enabled Kelly Bergstrom to put herself through school independently. That's encouraging as she pursues her goals of graduating from UW-Superior and then attending graduate school to prepare for a career in neuropsychology.

Kelly began her college career as a Biology major but developed an interest in Psychology and decided to add that as a major as well. She's also completing a minor in Spanish. She spent time over the summer in Nepal to complete her biology capstone project of studying health care in a developing country.

Kelly is active in several campus organizations. She sees how important scholarships are to students.

"With tuition constantly increasing it gets harder and harder for students to make ends meet while trying to go to school," she said. "I see students all the time trying to work full time while also taking out loans to try to get through school. This can be enormously stressful on students, and sadly, after a while, some decide it's just not worth it anymore."

"It's really hard to see students who have so much potential be held back from earning a degree due to a lack of finances." 


Keely Deadrick

Keely Deadrick
Esko, Minnesota

Elementary Education major, Early Childhood Education minor
Alumni Continuing Student Scholarship &
UW-Superior Foundation President's Scholarship

For Keely Deadrick, receiving a scholarship through the UW-Superior Foundation means she can forego a part-time job to instead fully concentrate on her college education and her future career.

"It gives me a chance to focus more on my studies so that I will be able to give back to the younger generations and hopefully make a lasting impact on them through teaching. Overall, I am so grateful for the scholarship and could not thank you enough for your help."

Keely plans to teach children at the elementary school level. She also hopes to someday use her skills as a Yellowjacket volleyball standout to coach high school sports.

She has this to say to people who give money for student scholarships:

"Words cannot express how thankful I am for your help. This means so much to me as I am now able to participate in other activities as well as continuing to focus and do well in school. You have given me an opportunity to excel in other areas of life along with education. By receiving this scholarship I am able to participate in athletics, on-campus activities, and help out in the community. Without your help his would not be possible. Thank you again!"

Trent Van Damme

Trent Van Damme
Superior, Wisconsin
Business Administration Major
Sentry Insurance Student Leadership Scholarship
& Academic Excellence Scholarship

For Trent Van Damme, receiving a scholarship feels like a vote of support from the businesses and people who give to the UW-Superior Foundation scholarship fund.

"Receiving a scholarship shows me that the community is supporting my education at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and is putting an emphasis on receiving a great education," he said. 

After earning his bachelor's degree at UW-Superior, Trent plans to complete a master's of business administration degree and a doctor of pharmacy degree. His long-term goal is to manage a pharmacy or to start his own.

To reach his goals, Trent needs to build a solid foundation in the liberal arts and business at UW-Superior. Receiving the Sentry Insurance Student Leadership Scholarship is critical to his success.

"This scholarship allows me to focus more on my studies.  I can't thank Sentry Insurance and the community enough, and I will continue to strive to reach my full potential knowing that I have this tremendous support."

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