Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity Scholarships

Carl H. Daley Scholarship. For a full-time student majoring in one of three departments: Human Behavior, Justice, and Diversity; Social Inquiry; and Health and Human Performance - with the award alternating each year. The HBJD and Social Inquiry recipient should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4.The HHP recipient should submit a 500-word-or-less essay regarding how they personally balance scholastic activity and achievement with personal health and physical fitness.

Ruthanna Wood Davis Scholarship. For a female student majoring in psychology with a minor in women's studies. The student must be in her junior year, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and have financial need.

Michael F. Durst Memorial Scholarship.  For a student participating in mock trial competition at UW-Superior. If the mock trial program ceases to exist at UW-Superior or if UW-Superior no longer participates in mock trial competition, this scholarship shall be awarded to a student majoring in legal studies or political science with aspirations to become an attorney.

Generations Scholarship. For a student majoring in Social Work, and who meets the following criteria:
1. Student must be from a minority/underrepresented community, such as an American Indian enrolled in a tribe or eligible for enrollment, African/Black American, Hispanic, and/or Hmong.
2. Student must have a 2.5 GPA within the Social Work program, and a 2.3 cumulative GPA overall.
3. Student must have completed SO W 340, 341, and 344 and earned a C or higher, and must be enrolled in or have finished SO W 345, 365, and 366.
4. Student must be scheduled for the social work internship in the next 12 months.

Tony Gigliotti Scholarship. For a student majoring in legal studies who is in their undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior year with financial need and a minimum GPA of 3.0.

J. Edgar Hoover Scholarship. For needy or deserving students in the criminal justice field.

Jan Kuldau Memorial Scholarship. Preference given to a UW-Superior senior who is pursuing a school psychology degree at another University. If no such student applies, the scholarship may be awarded to any UW-Superior student pursuing a psychology degree.

Marcovich Family Scholarship. For an incoming freshman student majoring in legal studies.

Judge and Mrs. Douglas Moodie Scholarship. For students from Superior or Douglas County with emphasis on those majoring in legal studies.

Eleni Neeves Pinnow Scholarship. For a psychology major with a focus on experimental psychology (cognitive and/or behavior), and a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or greater.

Dr. and Mrs. Ross Stagner Scholarship. Given to three students, respectively, an undergraduate senior majoring in psychology, a Distance Learning student with psychology as one component of an individually designed major, and an undergraduate student majoring in English with an interest in poetry.

St. Vincent DePaul Society Scholarship. For a junior or senior in good standing who has been formally admitted into the social work program.

Jay Wolterstorff Scholarship for Excellence in Social Work. For a junior or senior (at least 60 credits) who is majoring in social work, has a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and has financial need.



Current students: Each winter, you will receive notification to your UW-Superior email account when it is time to apply for Foundation scholarships. Applications are typically due in early March and scholarships are awarded for the following academic year, beginning with the fall semester.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students: Upon admission to the university, you must complete the new student scholarship essay to be considered for a Foundation scholarship.You will be notified by mail and email if you have been awarded a Foundation scholarship.