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UW-Superior Foundation Scholarships

The UW-Superior Foundation provides numerous scholarships using money contributed by alumni and friends of the University. How and where a student applies for a scholarship varies according to their status and department. Please read the information below to learn how you can apply for scholarships.

Scholarships - AFROTC   Scholarships - Bus and Econ

Scholarships - Comm Arts   Scholarships - DLC

Scholarships - Education   Scholarships - Graduate

Scholarships - HBJD   Scholarships - HHP

Scholarships - International copy   Scholarships - Math and Comp Sci

Scholarships - Music   Scholarships - Natural Sciences

Scholarships - Social Inq   Scholarships - Study Away

Scholarships - T and L   Scholarships - Visual Arts  

Scholarships - WLLC copy   Scholarships- Writing and Library Science

Scholarships - Veterans copy   Scholarships - Freshmen and Transfer

Scholarships - Academic Merit and Other   Scholarships - Financial Need

New students and school counselors
Prospective students and school counselors seeking information about scholarships should visit our Admissions website for scholarship information for New Freshmen and Transfer Students. View a printable list of Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen.

Current UW-Superior students: Continuing students who wish to apply for UW-Superior Foundation scholarships through their academic departments should look HERE. Use the links above to review the scholarships available and the criteria for each, and below to find answers to frequently asked questions. You also will find links to scholarships offered by the UW-Superior Alumni Association and other outside opportunities.

Each UW-Superior department has a different timeline for accepting Foundation scholarship applications. However, most are accepted in February or March. Watch for email and Digest communications from your program department(s) and from the Dean of Students and Financial Aid offices to know when and how to apply for scholarships.

Faculty and staff: Visit HERE and follow the instructions for awarding scholarships. Use the links above to review the scholarships available and their criteria, and below to find the answers to frequently asked scholarship questions.

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How to apply for Foundation Scholarships

1. Check with department(s) and complete the scholarship application: When the department(s) in which you are applying have communicated it is time to submit your application, complete parts A, B and C on the Foundation Scholarship Application and print or save. Then submit the application to your department chair or your advisor, or as directed in the departments' communications. (If you have a major in more than one department, you must provide a copy of the application to the chair of each department or your advisor in each department.)  Department chairs and advisors will collect the applications, complete part D, and evaluate each application to determine which students shall be awarded Foundation Scholarships based on the donor-specified criteria for each scholarship.

Scholarship Application

2. Check with your academic department: Contact the department in which you are applying for the scholarship(s) to determine whether it requires more information than is asked for on the application and for the application deadline. In some cases, the application is part of a packet. Submit your application to the department(s) in which you are applying.

3. Watch your email for your Foundation Scholarship Award Letter: The University Advancement Office will email award letters to students who were recommended for scholarships by mid May. If you are concerned about whether you were awarded a Foundation Scholarship, contact your department chair or advisor before contacting the University Advancement Office.

4. Submit your Acceptance Thank You Letter: After you have received your scholarship award letter email, you have 30 days from the date on the letter to submit your Thank You Letter(s) to the University Advancement Office in Old Main, room 237. Only after the University Advancement Office has received your thank you can a scholarship be applied to your account. Failure to submit the Thank You Letter within the 30-day period could result in the scholarship being re-awarded to another student.

FAFSA will be used to determine whether or not a student has financial need. FAFSA paperwork must be submitted each year to the
Financial Aid office in order to be considered for scholarships which include financial need as part of the criteria.

Students who receive a full tuition Foundation scholarship are generally not eligible for additional Foundation scholarships.


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Where do I get a Foundation Scholarship application?

You can get a Foundation Scholarship Application on this website, from your department chair or advisor, or pick up an application at the University Advancement Office in Old Main, room 237.

How do I apply for more than one scholarship?

Submit one scholarship application to each department in which you have a major. Each department has a different deadline and process, so be sure to watch for communications from each and to ask if other information is required.

Submit a separate application when applying for scholarships listed under the Financial Need, Academic Merit, etc. links above. Each of those departments will also communicate with students when it is time to apply.

How do I know whether I receive a Foundation Scholarship?

If you are awarded a Foundation scholarship, you will receive an award letter in your UW-Superior email account. Emails are typically sent out before the end of spring semester, but some may be awarded during the summer. 

Unfortunately, not all applicants will receive scholarship awards. If you have questions about whether or not you were awarded a Foundation scholarship, please contact the department in which you applied. Additional scholarship questions can be directed to the Advancement Office at 715-394-8452 or give2uws@uwsuper.edu.

When will my scholarship money be applied to my student account?

Once the University Advancement office receives your acceptance thank you letter(s) for your scholarship award, the Financial Aid office is notified. 

If you have submitted your letter(s) of appreciation, please contact the Financial Aid office to find out when you can expect the funds to be disbursed to your account.

Are any Foundation Scholarships available after the beginning of the academic year?

Possibly. Please visit the University Advancement office in Old Main 237, call (715) 394-8452, or email give2uws@uwsuper.edu for more information.

UW-Superior Foundation Scholarship Conditions:

Scholarships are generally awarded to full-time students. However, some exceptions may apply due to the nature of the scholarship and its criteria.

Scholarships are usually disbursed for the academic year of two semesters and should be used for educational expenses only. If a student is to receive monies in excess of institutional charges, the University Business Office will issue a refund according to the disbursement schedule as listed on the Bursar's website. In the event a student leaves school before the end of the semester, they may be required to refund to the UW-Superior Foundation the same proportion of refund dollars which are returned. Students who are awarded a Foundation scholarship and withdraw from the university will forfeit the scholarship for any subsequent semesters.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)is used to determine whether or not a student has financial need for scholarships which include financial need as part of the criteria. If the information on a student's FAFSA is found to be incorrect, the scholarship may be revoked if financial need no longer exists.

Scholarship recipients may also be expected to attend appreciation luncheons/dinners to thank scholarship donors.  Additional appreciation activities (other thank you letters, etc.) may also be requested. Students will be notified of any additional requirements.

Alumni Association Scholarships Top of Page


The University of Wisconsin-Superior Alumni Association raises money at special events to provide scholarships each year for new freshmen and current undergraduate students enrolled at UW-Superior.

If you are a new student enrolling at UW-Superior, please visit the Admissions page for more information about applying for scholarships and other aid.

If you already are a full-time student enrolled at UW-Superior, select the current student links. The deadline to submit your application for the 2015-16 academic year is March 6.

For more information, contact the UW-Superior Alumni Office at 715-394-8452 or alumni@uwsuper.edu

Additional Outside Scholarship Opportunities

DSA Community Foundation
The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation offers thousands of dollars each year to students in northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. For more information and to apply, visit the
DSA Community Foundation website.
For a list of additional outside scholarships, visit Financial Aid.


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