Scholarship Information for Faculty and Staff

The scholarship award process:

  1. Scholarship and Dept. Fund Report: Each spring, University Advancement will send each department chair a report which lists the available amounts and criteria for their department's scholarships and other funds for the following academic year. At the beginning of February, the online application process opens to current students for applications. The application window closes in early March
  2. Reviewing Applications: The Foundation will notify the departments when application reviews begin and will provide instructions detailing how to do so. The entire process is online. Once committees make their selections they should be submitted to the Foundation’s Scholarship and Stewardship Associate, preferably in a table format. Each selection should include the last name, first name, student ID number, scholarship selected to receive, and amount selected to award. Not including any of this information will delay the Foundation’s review process and will require further communication between the Foundation and the selecting department to clarify selections

    The University of Wisconsin-Superior is an NCAA Division III member institution and is therefore prohibited from considering athletic leadership, ability, participation, or performance in making scholarship or financial aid award decisions regarding any student. Award decisions will be based solely on non-athletic related qualifications. NCAA Regulation 15.01.3 Institutional Financial Aid: A member institution shall not award financial aid to any student on the basis of athletic leadership, ability, participation or performance. 
  3. Awarding Scholarships: Recipient recommendations from departments are reviewed by the Foundation to determine if they fit the award criteria. If they do not fit, the relevant department(s) will be notified and the department(s) must re-make the selections from suitable applicants. If the selections do fit and are verified by the Foundation, the Foundation will notify the selected recipients of the award(s) via campus email within one week. The goal is to make all awards by the end of April, before students conclude the Spring semester. Award selections should not be discussed with any applicant/student until after the Foundation has made the award and the discussion with an applicant is in private and concerns an award they received from the Foundation.

Logging into and using the online system:

When application reviews open the Foundation will provide detailed directions for accessing and using the online system. A reviewer signs in to the system using their full campus email address and an online system-specific password. If the reviewer does not recall their system-specific password there is an option on the log-in page to resolve this. If the reviewer is new to this process they will receive a welcome email from the online system asking you to make a system-specific password. This password can be anything, but for security reasons it is recommended to make it suitably complicated and different from your campus account password