Study Away Scholarships

Audacious Adventurer Scholarship. For a student studying abroad. Preference to a student matching as many of these criteria as possible: study abroad location is not in the United Kingdom, Western Europe, or Australia; study abroad period is a full academic year; student shows entrepreneurial spirit or is in a School of Business and Economics degree program.

Mike Jaros Peace Studies Scholarship. For a student from Minnesota needing financial assistance to participate in the War and Peace in Bosnia study away program.

Oldenburg University Exchange Student Grant. Grants for students minoring in German to participate in the exchange program with the University of Oldenburg in Germany or a similar German immersion program. 

Study Away Scholarship. For students who are participating in the Study Away program.

Betty Root Memorial Scholarship. For a student intending to participate in the WI in Scotland program during spring semester. Student must meet all WI in Scotland program requirements, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and financial need. Preference given to students from the following communities: Superior, WI (first), Duluth, MN (second), Northern WI (third), Wisconsin Resident (fourth).

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