Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply online?

Yes. Go to and follow steps for graduate students.

What is an official transcript?

A transcript with an official university seal that is in a sealed envelope from the university.

Can I mail my official transcripts to you?

Only if the transcript is official (i.e., it has an official college/university seal) and is in a sealed envelope from the university.

Can I have my undergraduate university/college fax you my official transcript?

No. Graduate Studies policy dictates that only transcripts with a university seal, delivered in a sealed envelope from the university, can be considered an "official" transcript.

I graduated from UW-Superior. Do I have to order an official transcript?

No. Graduate Studies has access to your UW-Superior transcripts.

What happens to my application once all of my materials are turned in to the School of Graduate Studies?

Once all of the materials required by Graduate Studies have been received and reviewed, they are forwarded to the program coordinator for the department's admission decision.

Can I transfer credits in to my degree program from a different university?

A student who is admitted may transfer up to 9 credits from other institutions accredited to offer graduate programs provided the transfer credit is appropriate to the degree being undertaken. No credit below a grade of B will transfer and no credit will be allowed for undergraduate work, work completed more than ten years before the expected degree, or work used to complete another degree.

Do I have to pay an enrollment deposit?

Yes, an enrollment deposit toward your tuition of $100 for your first term of attendance is required to be paid to the Admissions office. You will not be able to register for classes until this deposit has been paid.

Once I’m admitted to the program how long do I have to finish my degree?

All credits used in meeting the requirements of a graduate degree or certification in professional education must be earned within a period of not more than 10 consecutive years, commencing with the enrollment date in courses applicable to the degree (or certification program) rather than the completion date of applicable courses. This limit applies to resident credit courses, Extension courses, and courses taken at other universities.

How do I get my bill?

UW-Superior does not mail tuition bills to students. Electronic billing is the official means of generating tuition bills to all UW-Superior students. It is the responsibility of the student to check their E-Hive account to view their bill. Instructions on how to view bill.

I wish to change programs. Do I have to pay the application fee and order official transcripts again?

No. The application fee is a one-time charge. The official transcripts are kept on file until a degree is completed. A program change does require a Program Change Request Form to be filled out and turned in to Graduate Studies.

What constitutes a full time student?

Graduate students are considered full time when enrolled in 9 or more credits during the normal academic year (i.e., fall and spring semesters). To be considered full time during summer session graduate students must be enrolled in 6 or more credits.

How can I obtain an unofficial transcript?

Students can obtain an unofficial transcript online through 'My E-Hive.' Log in to 'My E-Hive' and then select Student Center - Self Service - Academic Records - View Unofficial Transcript.

How do I apply for graduation?

Students expecting to graduate at the end of the term should apply for graduation no later than the date specified in the academic calendar. Applications are submitted via E-Hive. Under "Academics" in the Student Center is a "Graduation" link where graduation applications are submitted. The $25 fee is paid to the Cashier's Office.

I have graduated, when can I expect my diploma?

Diplomas are ordered after the degrees have been posted, and it takes 6-8 weeks for the diplomas to get to campus before being mailed to the students. All indebtedness to the university must be cleared before a diploma and official transcripts will be released. The transcript, not the diploma, is proof of an earned degree.

How do I register for classes?

Students can register and add classes online through E-Hive.

How do I drop classes?

Students can drop classes online through E-Hive.

How do I update my anticipated graduation term?

Students can update their anticipated graduation term online through E-Hive. Instructions on how to update Graduation Term.

When is commencement?

Complete graduation and commencement information is available on the Graduation/Commencement page or email