Executive Order #54 Training - Test

1.Executive Order #54 requires that UW System employees report instances of:

2.UW System employees include:

3.Child abuse can be defined as:

4.Warning signs of neglect may include:

5.Warning signs of emotional damage may include:

6.You should make a report if you (in the course of employment):

7.The employee making the report should:

8.To make a report, you should:

9.The guardian of the child that the report was made on will be notified who made the report:

10.If you aren't sure if you should make a report, you should:

11.If I make a report in good faith, I can be disciplined or terminated if it was found that abuse was not occurring:

12.If I am aware of abuse, but don't report it, I could be convicted of a criminal misdemeanor and be subject to fines: