University Personnel Systems Development

 University Personnel Systems Development

The 2011-13 biennial budget (Act 32 of 2011) created s. 36.115, authorizing and directing the development of personnel systems (human resource related policies and procedure) separate and distinct from the personnel system under ch. 230 for all University of Wisconsin-Madison employees and separately a personnel system for the balance of all University of Wisconsin system employees. The personnel system will encompass policies and procedures for both unclassified and classified employment categories and are to be implemented on July 1, 2013.

The UPS Task Force has provided information regarding development of the UPS through a website which is intended to provide regular updates on development, a list of frequently asked questions, UPS committee charges, membership and meeting notes, and the compilation UW Assessment of Current State Personnel System survey results. There several committees and working groups involved in the development of this task.The following are UW-Superior representatives serving on the various groups:

  • UPS Task Force: Wendy Kropid
  • UPS Steering Committee: Peggy Fecker
  • UPS Employee Movement Work Group Lead: Peggy Fecker
  • UPS Benefit Work Group:  Steve Marshall
  • UPS Employee Environment Work Group: Terri Kronzer
  • UPS Employment Categories Work Group: Christina Kline
  • UPS Recruitment & Assessment Work Group: Steve Rosenberg

Employees should feel free to bring questions or comments to either Wendy Kropid (Task Force Representative;; 715-394-8240 ) or Peggy Fecker (Steering Committee Representative;; 715-394-8836 5).

Please send questions or comments to the UPS Project Team at