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arrow graphicDid You Know? - January, 2018 - Work-Related Travel
arrow graphicDid You Know? - May, 2018 - Mental Health Awareness
arrow graphicDid You Know? - April, 2018 - Retirement Contribution Options
arrow graphicDid You Know? - July 18, 2018 - To All Supervisors Who Approve Leave
arrow graphicDid You Know? - December, 2017 - Safety and Weather
arrow graphicDid You Know? - July, 2017 - Leave Benefits
arrow graphicDid You Know? - March, 2017 - Sick Leave
arrow graphicDid You Know? - February, 2017 - Retirement
arrow graphicLive Webinars Scheduled for March 2015
arrow graphicNew IRS tax form 1095-C
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - August 2015
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - July 2015
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - June 2015
arrow graphicUPS goes live July 1, 2015
arrow graphicHR BUZZ! - May 2015
arrow graphicChanges to State Group Health Insurance
arrow graphicWRS Live Webinars Scheduled for June
arrow graphicT. Rowe Price Recorded Webinars
arrow graphicWisconsin Retirement System Live Webinars Scheduled for May
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - April 2015
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - March 2015
arrow graphicVoluntary Separation Incentive Program at UW-Superior
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - February 2015
arrow graphicETF Retirement Presentations and Group Appointments
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - January 2015
arrow graphicHR Buzz- December 2014
arrow graphicUniversity Personnel System (UPS) Information Sessions
arrow graphicHR Buzz! June 2014
arrow graphicHR Buzz! February 2014
arrow graphicHR Buzz! July 2014
arrow graphicExecutive Order #54, Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Policy
arrow graphicHR Buzz! April 2014
arrow graphicETF State Wide WRS Presentations
arrow graphicExecutive Order #54: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
arrow graphicHR Buzz! December 2013
arrow graphicNew Policy: Children in the Workplace
arrow graphicSexual Harassment Training
arrow graphicGuidance on Political Campaign Activities
arrow graphic2014 WRS Benefit Presentations Set for Employees Statewide
arrow graphicNew Criminal Background Check process
arrow graphicHR Buzz! November 2014
arrow graphicETF Fall Presentations
arrow graphicTIAA-CREF Individual Counseling Sessions
arrow graphic2013-15 Compensation Plan
arrow graphicHR Buzz! August 2014
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - September 2014
arrow graphicEmployee Trust Funds live Webinars
arrow graphic2013 Effective Rates for Wisconsin Retirement System Announced
arrow graphicInclement Weather Policy
arrow graphicMarch Centered Exams
arrow graphicT. Rowe Price Live Webinars
arrow graphicWRS Contribution Rates Increasing January 1, 2014
arrow graphicA New Face in Human Resources
arrow graphicAnnual Benefity Enrollment (ABE) Website
arrow graphicFAQs and Online Calculator for Increased Health Insurance Premiums and WRS Contributions Available!
arrow graphicAnnual Benefit Enrollment (ABE) Period is coming October 6-31, 2014
arrow graphicHR Buzz! January 2014
arrow graphicHR Buzz! March 2014
arrow graphicHR Buzz! - October 2014
arrow graphicLive Webinars Scheduled for February
arrow graphicMarch Exams, Walk-in registration allowed
arrow graphicWRS Live Webinars
arrow graphicAnnual Benefit Enrollment (ABE) period is coming!
arrow graphicHR Buzz! May 2014
arrow graphicETF Webinars
arrow graphicEmployer Bulletin on the State Group Life Insurance Amendment
arrow graphicTalent Acquisition Manager (TAM) Go-Live Announcement
arrow graphicImplementation of Wisconsin Act 10
arrow graphicNEW: Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UMW HERC)
arrow graphicInclement Weather Advisories
arrow graphicHRS Project Update
arrow graphicNew Earnings & Leave Statements at UW System Portal