Blood Donations

Article XI, Section 20, of the labor agreement (WSEU) states the following:

11/20/1 The Employer agrees to continue the current practices on the release of employees for blood donation provided there is the continued availability of blood donation equipment. In those instances where on-site blood donation equipment is not available, any arrangements for donating blood may be discussed at local Union- Management Meetings. Employees who donate blood shall be allowed reasonable time off in pay status to donate blood at the closest blood center to his/her work unit.

11/20/2 Employees who donate blood for the purpose of pheresis donations will be released from work and continued in pay status during their scheduled hours of work for the time needed to make said donation.

Since on-site blood donation equipment is not normally available other reasonable arrangements need to be considered. Service to the community through blood donations is valued activity but it must be balanced with the needs of the University for services of its employees. The following guidelines are established when employees make blood donations in pay status:

* Superior Memorial Hospital is the designated site for the blood donations since it is closest blood center to the University. The DCI Plasma Center, 1720 W. Superior St, Duluth, MN is the designated site for plasma donations.