Inclement Weather

Communications Procedures for Informing Employees About Closing of the Campus

In the event of unusually bad weather conditions, such as snow or ice storm, the Chancellor and Provost will consider curtailment of normal university operations. Two main levels of curtailment are possible: 1) cancellation or postponement of classes and 2) closing of the campus.

Employees are asked not to call the University Public Safety Office or other central offices in the event of bad weather conditions.

Information on curtailment of classes will be communicated by the Provost to the Director of University Relations who will communicate with the broadcast media. Cancellation of classes, or delay in starting of classes, will be broadcast on local radio and television. Information will also be updated on the weather hotline: 715-394-8400 . Instructional staff with evening and off-campus teaching responsibilities should establish a telephone network to inform students of class cancellations, if necessary.

Information on closing of the campus will communicated by the Provost through the respective Cabinet Officers and their designees. Unless informed otherwise by an appropriate supervisor (or designee), employees should assume that the university is "open" and make a reasonable effort to get to work on time, even if classes are canceled. Information will also be updated on the weather hotline: 715-394-8400 .

Supervisors should be contacted directly at the office or at home when it is not possible to get to work on time or at all.

When the University is closed, classified employees should not report to work unless explicitly called in to meet some operational need or emergency situation. Essential services, such as Public Safety and Heating Plant, will continue in accordance with past practice.

When work time is "lost" by an employee because of inclement weather, payment for or scheduling of "make-up" time will occur in accordance with the civil service and/or labor agreement language appropriate for each employee group.

Departments should prepare a written communication procedure to identify who is responsible for contacting each staff member.