Recruitment Waiver Guidelines

Guidelines on Open Recruitment and Exceptions

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin-Superior that all Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited (FASL) position vacancies will be filled through open, competitive recruitments in keeping with best human resources and equal employment opportunity practices and principles.

Although it is presumed and expected that an open recruitment will be conducted to fill FASL position vacancies, these guidelines delineate circumstances in which an open recruitment process can be waived.

 The scope of an open recruitment should be tailored to the specific position and should consider the relevant labor market, the resources available, and the hiring process timeline. 

Temporary Positions

A temporary position is clearly short-term in nature (e. g. typically six months or less, but no more than one year in duration) with no expectation of renewal or continuation beyond the specified termination date. Filling a temporary position does not require an expansive open recruitment. To the extent possible, however, the appointing officer should give equal consideration to all potentially interested candidates within the institution before making the short-term appointment. 

Acting/Interim Appointments

The purpose of an "acting" or "interim" appointment is to ensure the short-term continuity of critical services. The appointment of an individual on an acting/interim basis must be reviewed and determined to meet a critical organizational need.

Before making an acting/interim appointment, the appointing officer should consider potentially qualified individuals inside and outside the institution.

Someone serving in an acting/interim appointment cannot automatically be converted to a permanent appointment without earning the latter through a competitive, open recruitment process. After an acting/interim appointment is made, a recruitment plan to fill the position on a permanent basis should be created and implemented as soon as possible. 

Re-Employed Annuitants

The candidate to be appointed is a retired annuitant (e.g. former university employee) who does not seek career employment can be hired without an open recruitment. This circumstance arises when a retiree has special skills or expertise to accomplish work of a "project" nature for which a permanent commitment of resources is not appropriate. In circumstances where multiple retirees are eligible and interested in reemployment, the appointing officer should provide equal consideration before a final selection is made. 

Exceptional, Sole Source Candidates

 In the rare case where an individual with extensive service to the university is determined to be so exceptionally well qualified, based on a record of exemplary work, that a search would not produce a more qualified candidate, the appointing authority and the Chancellor may authorize the appointment of an individual who is the sole source of the necessary professional expertise to a fixed term position without an open recruitment. This exception to the open recruitment process is appropriate only after an in-depth review of all recruitment options is conducted and a determination is made that a more qualified candidate is not likely to be located and attracted to the position.

Layoff Referral Priority Candidates

In circumstances where a former employee in layoff status or a current employee on notice of layoff is qualified for a vacant position, the open recruitment process can be waived. 

University Project Position

 A University Staff project position typically involves a finite set of duties and responsibilities that can be carried out over a defined period. If the circumstances of an anticipated project position involve a finite set of responsibilities that are likely to be completed within a limited period of time, the open recruitment requirement can be waived. If, however, there is a strong likelihood that a University Staff project position will be utilized for an indeterminate amount of time, so that an initial one-year appointment would have to be renewed one or more times, the position should be filled through an open recruitment of an appropriate scope. See Local University Staff Policy: Recruitment TC1.