Lawroom Instructions

LawRoom/EVERFI is our web based professional development and compliance tool. LawRoom/EVERFI will be used by various departments for required compliance, new hire, and developmental training(s) such as Ethics, EO54, FERPA, Sexual Harassment Prevention/Tix (Title 9), Diversity, Data Security and other trainings in the future. 

If you are logging in for the first time, or forgot your login information, follow these instructions:

  • Choose ‘Login’ in the upper right hand of the page
  • Choose ‘Forgot Login ID/PWD’ link under the login button, then follow the prompts. If the system indicates the email address you entered cannot be found,  please check the email again to make sure it is your correct work email address. If you are entering the correct email address and still get this notification, you are not yet entered in the system and will get an email like the one listed below in my original email. Or, are not required to complete the trainings.
  • If you enter a valid email address, an confirmation email will be sent to your work email address with your Login ID and a link to reset the password (hint: copy the Login ID from the email)
  • Once you log in, choose the ‘My Courses’ on the left hand tool bar. You will see the course(s) available.    

   Please use either the Google Chrome or Firefox browser to complete the training(s). Using Microsoft Internet Explorer (EDGE) may cause you to get stuck on a video with in a training and the program will not let you advance. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and get stuck, you can log out of the training and log back in using Chrome or Firefox. Your progress will be saved from where you left off and you should be able to finish the program.