Strategic Information Technology Planning

Information Technology
Plan Development for 2012-2015

updated January 12, 2012

Examination and review was done of resources from Educause, SCUP, UW System (Common Systems Technology Roadmap), State of Wisconsin IT Plan, Other UW campus plans, Campus Computing Survey results, ECAR Student Use of Technology Results to identify external trends that would inform the formulation of outcomes.

Examination and outcome identification was done from the campus survey results from SWOT survey with UTC in 2008 and campus-wide technology services "EAR to you survey" in January/February 2010.

A refresh of the Technology Services SWOT survey was conducted in October of 2011.

Examination of the previous campus technology plans was done to identify unfulfilled items that should be carried forward as goals or outcomes.

Using WEAVEOnline, these goals and outcomes for core information technology services have been prepared for campus feedback for prioritization, as well as gap identification.

The IITS members are meeting and discussing their unit plans and the intersection of technology projects identified from their planning processes.

A format for the campus-wide IT plan has been identified to parallel the 2007-2013 Physical Development Plan. The document will describe the current technology assets/services and identify issues to be addressed. The IT plan will identify goals, objectives and actions steps for 5 areas:


  1. Academic and Faculty Support
  2. Student Technology Support
  3. Administrative
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Continuous Service Improvement.


External review visit scheduled for Feb 2 and 3, 2012. (UW-Madison CIO, Bruce Maas, and UW-Green Bay CIO, Kathy Pletcher).