External Review of Information Technology, 2012

External IT Review Visit 

Feb 2 and 3, 2012. Team: UW-Madison CIO, Bruce Maas, and UW-Green Bay CIO, Kathy Pletcher.

Announcement at Opening Session:
The campus will be undertaking an external peer review of the state of Information Technology (IT) resources and services on Feb. 2 and 3rd.  The two person review team will be talking to campus groups seeking input on the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations we have, as well as areas of excellence and areas that might need additional attention.  The information gathered will be used to inform the campus' IT strategic plan and as an assessment tool for the IT function.  It will also be forward looking to technology's role in fulfilling UW-Superior's strategic priorities.

External Review Team Schedule

Thursday, February 2nd

8:00 am Entrance Interview with Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor of Administration  & Finance, and CIO in Old Main 212

9:00 am in Old Main 132
Constituent Meeting for Enrollment Services and Business Services areas

10:00 am in Old Main 132
Constituent Meeting with Center for Adult Education and Outreach

11:00 am - Old Main 132
Constituent Meeting with Campus Life and ResNet

12:00 noon - Open Student Session
Yellowjacket Union - Atrium

1:00 pm - Lunch and Tour

2:30 pm - OPEN Session - All campus members
Yellowjacket Union 202

3:30 pm - Academic Chairs & Provost Leadership Team
Yellowjacket Union 202

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm OPEN Student Session
Swenson 1004
Followed at 9 pm by Free Movie "Social Network"

Friday, February 3rd

7:45 am, Technology Services Teams (Application Services, Infrastructure Services, User Support Services)
Swenson 1058, Conference Room near Help Desk

9:00 am, University  Technology Committee (UTC), Information & Instructional Technology Council (IITS), and IITS Teaching and Learning Team.
Swenson 1058, Conference room near Help Desk

10:00 am OPEN Session - All campus members
Swenson 1004, Erlenbach Lecture Hall

11:00 am Technology Services Directors 
Swenson 1058, Conference room near Help Desk

1:00 pm Exit Interview with Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor of Admin  & Finance, and CIO, in Old Main 212