Information Technology Plan - Campus Review and Response

As a part of the 2011 CIPT Strategic Priorities review and planning process, which sets forth the investment priorities for the campus, included was the priority to develop a campus-wide Information Technology Plan. The plan lays out a framework illustrated by five spheres that overlap and yet are each distinct in their focus and needs. The technology investments the campus makes need to be both strategic and tactical to empower our students, faculty, and staff to achieve their educational goals.

This document puts forth that a starting point that spans campus-wide information technology needs setting the stage for broader campus input on information technology priorities.

Please read the Full document or review the summary below and then complete the feedback survey.

Thank you in advance as your input is important.

Summary - Information Technology Plan 2012-2015

Academic and Faculty Support

UW-Superior will facilitate a teaching and learning environment supported with technology that can be easily used, promotes greater self-sufficiency, and enhances the student's learning experience.

Focus areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Classrooms and Laboratory Technology
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Digital Media
  • E-Portfolio
  • Teleconferencing

Student Technology Support

UW-Superior will provide students with a technology environment that facilitates communication, collaboration and convenience in conducting their university business transactions and enhancing their learning experience.

Focus areas:

  • E-hive
  • Wireless access on campus
  • Student Learning Online Resources
  • Student Computing Labs
  • Campus Website for Current Students
  • Technology Loan
  • Digital Citizen Responsibilities


UW-Superior will provide and support enterprise technology solutions that enhance all business and administrative services of the university. UW-Superior will maintain an administrative technology environment that facilitates leadership, productive change, effective management, sensitivity to the higher education environment, and a passion for process and people.

Focus areas:

  • Administrative Applications Support
  • Student Information Systems (E-Hive)
  • Reporting of Institutional Data
  • Data Integrity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Restricted Data Protection
  • Document Imaging
  • Campus Website Redesign


UW-Superior will provide a strong technology infrastructure that is reliable, secure, and an effective use of technology. UW-Superior will meet industry, as well as, state and federal standards to protect the security and privacy of both the data and applications used on our network. UW-Superior will monitor and maintain infrastructure elements on a systematic and fiscally responsible schedule.

Focus areas:

  • Campus Network Building Wiring and Switches
  • Campus Network: Security
  • Campus Telephone Services
  • Internet Bandwidth, Campus Fiber Backbone and Edge Devices
  • Data Center and Disaster Recovery
  • Campus Servers for Academic and Business Applications
  • Identity Management: Login Credentials and Access

Continuous Service Development

UW-Superior will deliver technology customer service and user support that quickly resolves issues, empowers the use of technology, and clearly communicates the available technology resources. UW-Superior will work with the campus community to better identify, plan, and implement information technology projects and improvements. 

Focus areas:

  • Technology User Support: Customer Service
  • IT Metrics for Operations, Efficiency, and Effectiveness
  • Technology Project and Service Management
  • Technical Skills for Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Technology Collaboration and Planning
  • Applying Technology to Innovation
  • Life-Cycle and Computer Replacement Funding
  • Technology Policy