IITS Plan 2005-2006

University of Wisconsin-Superior
Information and Instructional Technology Plan


This Information and Instructional Technology Services (IITS) Plan focuses on projects for the 2005-06 academic year.  This plan is grouped by goals that support the Campus Strategic Plan including training, infrastructure, new Academic Building plans, access, funding, security, IITS Teams and System-wide initiatives.  The objectives were submitted by the campus community and IITS Staff and were refined and prioritized by the University Technology Committee (UTC).  

The Units making up the IITS include Computing & Media Services (C&MS), the Library, Network & Programming Services (N&PS) and Residence Life Networking (ResNet).

Goal: Provide faculty, staff, and students an integrated development program so they can effectively use technology

Project - Provide continuous staff training, updates with software – Library 

Project - Prepare online tutorials, collaboration on special projects with departments and distance education – Library 

Project - Conduct an intensive training workshop on technology and Learn@UW-Superior for new and continuing faculty - C&MS

Project – Information Literacy - Library

Goal: - Participate in the planning for the New Academic Building (complete 2009) to assure the facilities support the effective delivery of technology services

Project – Investigate the design technology spaces.  Seek approval for consulting support once the building planning begins. - IITS

Goal: Provide an infrastructure that supports efficient and effective use of technology

Project - Implement streaming video for reserves – Library

Project - Development of support for alternate operating systems - this includes improving our current support for the Macintosh platform, and development of expertise with Linux. Evaluation of products, development of staff skills, training, testing, and probable implementation planning to some extent will be required. - C&MS

Project - Development of an advanced creative media lab for collaborative use by departments in the Holden Fine Arts Center - C&MS

Project - Plan the convergence of voice services over IP (VOIP) & unified messaging - N&PS and ResNet

Project – Deployment plan for wireless access points – UTC and N&PS

Project – Upgrade packet shaper – N&PS

Project – Security cameras for ResLife - ResNet

Project – Implement a backup system for desktop clients – C&MS & N&PS

Project - Investigate thin client solution to decrease hardware costs, improve support and improve off campus access.  N&PS

Project – Upgrade servers to Windows 2003 Server operating system.  N&PS

Goal – Create an on-going, predictable campus funding mechanism that reflects user demand for tech support.

Project - Fund updates to equipment and software used in advanced labs (GIS, Communicating Arts, others).  – C&MS

Project - Support for replacement funds for existing classroom and lab instructional technology. As further funds become available, improvement of additional classrooms and labs to UW System Level 3 presentation technology. - C&MS 

Project - Computer Replacement plan – C&MS

Goal: Provide convenient access to technology services

Project – implement Housing System (Diebold) – ResNet

Project – implement On Line Work Order System (TMA) – Facilities, ResNet, N&PS

Project – Review the Technology Accessibility Plan to support Universal Design - IITS

Project – Develop more Web Self Services eg put the FinAids application on line, eCheck/ePayment  - N&PS

Project - Eliminate accessibility barriers to the system for commuters and non-traditional students who have no or low-end computers and software. – UTC

Project - Review integration of technology with existing Library services – Library

Project – Implement IP Video Conferencing – C&MS

Project - Campus Portal – enhance Student Role with single signon.  Develop Faculty & Staff Roles.  N&PS 

Project - Update the Official Campus Web pages.  Define standard development tools that are  compatible with the campus portal.  Coordinate the development effort.  Implement standards that separate content & format (style sheets) & insure accessibility requirements.  Update Library, ResNet pages.  - Web Team, N&PS and C&MS

Project - Support for Institutional Research.  Provide decision makers access to relevant information including an enhanced fact book.  Develop class scheduling demand analysis as defined by the Recruiting & Retention Committee. - N&PS

Project – Implement the D2L grade interface into Peoplesoft – N&PS

Project - Development of a campus self-service business system for copying, printing, vending - replacement of the existing RSC point system with a campus wide card system for these and, likely, other self-service functions. The system should include a self-service function for payment of these charges via credit card. Incorporate in the digital signature project. - C&MS/N&PS

Goal: Provide Information & Network security to insure consistent delivery of technology services

Project – Plan the Public Key Infrastructure implementation to support use of digital signatures and email encryption - N&PS

Project - Implement robust client patch management system - Microsoft's SMS – C&MS, N&PS

Project - Address Peoplesoft data security issues.  Strengthen security roles and route requests for sensitive data to responsible Functional Leads. N&PS

Project - Implement of a host vulnerability scanner for auditing systems on campus for vulnerabilities.  N&PS

Project – Investigate Network Admission Control (NAC).  NAC limits damage from viruses and worms.  It allows noncompliant devices to be denied access, placed in a quarantined area, or given restricted access to computing resources.  NAC is the first step of the multiphased the Cisco® Self-Defending Network initiative to identify, prevent, and adapt to security threats.  N&PS

Goal: Foster collaboration through the work of IITS teams and the UTC

Project - Improvement of our support for special projects - further development of a team approach to "out of the ordinary" service needs that often represent new emerging technologies/systems that will become mainstream in time. - C&MS

Project - More active pursuit of internal and external grants, in collaboration with departments and programs. - C&MS

Goal: Participate in System-wide initiatives to improve services

Project Implement, in collaboration with UW System, reference software (Ex Libris) – Library

Project – participate in UW System Common help desk software – C&MS

Project – Implement Peoplesoft V8.9.  Develop prototyping scripts for all functional areas. Focus on direct lending & Account Payable refunding.  N&PS

Project - Clarify UW Superior's position on Common Systems. Support the APBS implementation.   IITS

Project – Conduct a feasibility study for imaging.  Support the functional effort to evaluate the ImageNow product.  N&PS

Project - Implement BadgerNet2 - data by Jan 06 & video by Dec 05 – C&MS, N&PS and ResNet 

UTC Prioritization 

Campus Website Upgrade


SelfService Business Function


Network Admission Control


PKI/Digital Signature


Network Backup of Desktop


Online Test Proctoring


Thin Client


Creative Media Lab




Online Tutorials


Streaming Video