Reorganization of IT - Fall 2006

Reorganization of IT - Fall 2006

Reorganization Goals:

  • Group people by related duties (Helpdesk and Technical staff) and clearly define roles
  • Helpdesk – define general user needs, support current services, provide large-scale training
  • Technical Services  - define specialized user needs, design, implement  & maintain services
  • Encourage communication between Helpdesk and Technical staff
  • Staff full time D2L Admin, Backup Network Admin (IT Review recommendation that was not funded)
  • Collapse administrative & academic applications

Technology Services Organization Chart - June 2007

Technology Services Mission Statement

The mission of Technology Services is to provide technology services that are accessible, reliable,convenient and secure for the purpose of empowering the UW-Superior community to use technology in teaching, learning, research, creative activity and service.

  • The Application Services is responsible for the development of information systems essential to the operation of the University including Student Information, the Campus Portal, Teaching & Learning Applications & Management Information.  
  • The Infrastructure Services is responsible for providing highly available, high quality access to the University's electronic resources and the Internet.
  • The Support Services (formerly Computing & Media Services) provides support services and facilities for faculty, staff, and students to effectively use current and emerging technology solutions.  

Technology Services works closely with other campus units in Information and Instructional Technology Services to plan and deliver services and ensure effective use of resources.  Technology Services aspires to: 

  • continuously improve services, facilities, and staff skills
  • respond to a changing environment in innovative ways 
  • provide leadership and planning to make the best use of emerging technologies