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Sever Deployment Outside the Data Center

Information and Instructional Technology Services

Sever Deployment Outside the Data Center

Policy Subject:         Policy on Deployment of Servers Outside the Data Center                

Date Revised:         17 December 2003

I.                   Background and Purpose

Computers running Server Operating Systems are vulnerable to special security problems and have special licensing needs.  In order to minimize security problems on the campus network, and to remain in compliance with Server licensing, Units/Departments/individuals deploying Servers located outside the Old Main Data Center, shall be responsible for the security and licensing of said machines.

II.                Constraints

·       Applicable UWSA Policy Documents
·       Applicable UWS Policy Documents
·       State Statutes

III.             Definitions

·       "Operating System" is defined as the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer, manages all the other programs in a computer. 
·       "Server" is defines as a computer that provides services to other computer programs in other computers.
·       "Campus Data Center" is defined as offices in Old Main housing Network & Programming Services.
·       "Patch-Current" is defined as updated with the latest patches/fixes.

IV.              Policy Statements

·       Units/Departments deploying Servers located outside the Campus Data Center shall be responsible for the security and licensing of said machines.

V.                 Policy Procedures

·       Units/Departments shall keep Server Operating Systems Patch-Current.
·       Units/departments are financially responsible for licensing.

VI.              Compliance 

·       Servers found to pose a threat to campus network security and are not Patch-Current will be disconnected from the network.
·       Network Services routinely audits network performance and security.  Servers identified as potentially posing threats to network security or performance during these audits will be scanned to identify the cause.
·       Appeals and requests for exceptions shall be directed to the IITS Council. 

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