TEACH Act Responsibilities for IT Officials

Access Limited to Enrolled Students

The University is technically capable of limiting access to any works being digitally transmitted to only those students enrolled in a particular course by encouraging the use of the course management system Learn@UW-Superior and by assisting faculty with enabling username and password protection on class websites containing copyrighted materials.

Controls on Storage and Dissemination

The University is able to apply technological measures that reasonably prevent recipients from retaining digital works beyond the class session, unauthorized reproduction, and further distribution. Measures include converting protected digital images to portable document file formats, enabling built-in security or permission restriction features such as password protection, enabling no printing, and no content copying. Real Media may be protected from reproduction by enabling the downstream copy protection feature.

Interference with Technological Measures

The University does not interfere with technological measures taken by copyright owners that prevent retention and distribution.

Retention of Copies

The University will store digital materials on secure servers for a period of time that is relevant to use by students for the context of a class session. Access to such materials is limited to those so authorized.

Conversion of Analog Materials to Digital

The University is able to assist users in the conversion of analog materials to digital for uses within the scope of the TEACH Act when no digital version is available to the institution or when the digital version is technologically protected to prevent TEACH uses. For uses that fall outside the scope of TEACH, the user should seek permission or evaluate the use under the fair use exemption of the copyright law.