Tech Funding Programs 2009-2010

Technology Funding Program Results 2009-2010

(updated 4/14/2010)
Requests for 2009-2010 technology funding from the Classroom/Lab Modernization or the Student Technology Fee programs were submitted by November, 2009. Funding requests again exceeded the available funding. Some of the requests for upgrades to classrooms qualified to be submitted to UW System for 2009-2011 DIN funding. We were able to apply for and receive UW System funding from a state-wide AV DIN that met the CLM upgrades to Erl 202, Erl 208 and HFA 2125. (request made here for $6,002, $4,816, and $31,461). Allocation decisions focused on operational costs and equipment replacements for general access labs and advanced technology classrooms and requests that served campus-wide needs. Priority 1 of most departmental requests will receive funding from this program - although many worthy requests were submitted.