Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence - Making Excellence Inclusive - Celebrating Diversity. 

Whatever you want to call it, the Making Excellence Inclusive Team believes that incorporating diversity and inclusion into the culture of UW-Superior will enhance the university's ability to accomplish our mission.  


  • Infuse Inclusive Excellence ideals into every part of the university.
  • To help every person, (faculty, staff and students) see and embrace their responsibility for "Making Excellence Inclusive" at UW-Superior.


The mission of Making Excellence Inclusive (MEI) is to facilitate development, support sustainability and monitor progress of the creation of inclusive learning, living, and working environments for individuals from all diverse backgrounds and institutional roles to ensure the likelihood of success in attaining their goals and ambitions.


The vision of the Making Excellence Inclusive is to aspire to collaboratively create an organizational culture that actively advances inclusion, equality, and diversity throughout all aspects of campus functioning through shared responsibility.