Leadership Development Program

Student Leadership pageUW-Superior is committed to providing leadership development opportunities for all students. Authentic leadership is the basis for a variety of experience-based learning opportunities available to students. We offer programs designed to encourage students to create positive change by leading from personal conviction.

Whether you are new to leadership or have experience as a leader, we can get you started or add to what you already know about leadership.


Explore the LIVE, ENGAGE, ATHLETICS and DISCOVER links to find out about more opportunities.

Learning Outcomes:

Students participating in the leadership development program initiatives can expect to:

  • Identify and articulate personal and professional values.
  • Determine individual areas of strength.
  • Develop their own personal leadership style.
  • Strengthen their interpersonal leadership skills.
  • Use their leadership to positively impact an organization, team or group.

LIVE at UW-Superior in a Residential Learning Community
LIVE in an academically oriented residential community

ENGAGE with the Launching Leaders program
ENGAGE with the Launching Leaders program in Student Invovlement

ATHLETICS offers leadership opportunities at UW-Superior

ATHLETICS offers numerous leadership opportunities

DISCOVER the Living, Learning and Leadership program in FYE
DISCOVER the Living, Learning, Leadership program at FYE