Promotion and Event Planning

Fall 2020 Event Planning

As you plan upcoming meetings and events, review the questions in the Fall Programming Considerations to determine the best format while keeping the health and safety of your participants in mind.
If you decide to hold meetings and/or events in-person, the Event Planning During COVID-19: Student Organization Guidelines should be reviewed and followed. Be sure you understand what health and safety protocols must be in place. This includes ensuring physical distancing, use of face masks/coverings, and attendance tracking. At this time, attendance at campus events is limited to the campus community. For more information about holding in-person events, review the Best Practices for Your Physically Distanced Programming.

Student organization advisors (UWS employee) are required to attend any in-person meetings and events to provide supervision, ensure safety protocols and guidelines are being followed, and submit an attendance record. If the advisor is unable to attend any meeting(s) or event(s) in-person, they must complete a Recognition of Agency form designating that responsibility to a student leader.

Food Service and Catering

Chartwells offers a discounted menu of options for student organizations. Check out their menu for your next campus event!

Event Services

Speakers, Entertainment and Contracts:

Organizations should not advertise or promote an event where a speaker / entertainer will perform until the following guidelines have been reviewed and the proper process for contracting entertainment has been followed.

What funds may be used to pay for a speaker/entertainer?

  • SUFAC funding may only be used for a speaker/entertainer when the event is identified in the organization's SUFAC budget allocation
  • Organizations who have raised money through fundraising may use those funds for a speaker/entertainer at events

What is the process for contracting and paying speakers/entertainers?

  • Organizations should first speak with the speaker/entertainer or their agent to collect information and price quotes.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot sign any agreements, contracts, memos, or understandings. University contracts need to be signed by the Assistant Director of Student Involvement.
  • Once a speaker/entertainer has been decided upon, follow the outlined process for completing a University Speaker/Entertainment contract and payment information.

Sound System Rental

For events requiring the use of the portable sound system or the house system in the Yellowjacket Union Shippar Atrium, assistance by the student tech team is required. A student tech manager will complete all set up, operation of sound equipment during event, and tear down. Cost is $10 per hour and will be charged back to your campus department or organization. Please contact Student Involvement with all technical needs and event information.

Popcorn Machine Rental

The Yellowjacket Activities Crew rents out their popcorn machine, including all supplies, for a flat fee of $20/event. To reserve it, fill out the reservation form. Please follow all instructions for use and cleaning.