Student Organization Travel

Student organization trips must be related to the mission/purpose of the organization, approved and authorized by the advisor, and have on-site supervisor by a UW employee or agent.

The first step to planning a student organization trip is the completion of the Student Trip Planning Form. Once this form is complete, the Travel Office will assist the organization with reservations and travel arrangements.

Travel Forms

Pocket Travel Guide - this handout details allowable travel expenses

Student Organization Trip Responsibility, Release, and Authorization - required for all trips

Student Trip Planning Form

Agreement for Assumption of Risk, Indemnification, Release, and Consent for Emergency Treatment - required for all trips.

Recognition of Agency Statement - required if advisor is not traveling with organization

Emergency Contact Information - organizations must collect emergency contact information for all trip participants. The advisor or UW agent supervising the trip must have a copy of this information while traveling.

Rental Vehicles and Authorized Drivers

The use of rental vehicles through Enterprise Rental is strongly encouraged (reservations made through UW-Superior Travel Office). Use of personal vehicle(s) is discouraged due to potential significant liabilities and consequences to the owner's insurability in the event of a loss. However, the use of an agent's personal vehicle is the sole-option of the agent. Participants may choose to arrange their own personal transportation to or from a trip destination. However, participants that choose to arrange their own transportation must be made aware that the State does not accept any liability for losses sustained during their travel to or from the trip destination. These participants' personal insurance would be their only source of liability protection.

The University must authorize all employees, students, or volunteers who may drive a vehicle (owned, rented, or leased) on University business. Persons who do not carry current University driving authorization should apply for authorization with Parking Services a minimum of 5 business days prior to the start of a trip. 

Persons unrelated to the University may not ride in or on University vehicles. Unrelated persons include family, friends, guests, and others who do not have a recognized affiliation with the University.