Qualtrics is a powerful, easy-to-use, online survey tool used by our Faculty, Staff, and Students to construct basic or complex surveys, manage distributions, and analyze collected data to meet a variety of campus needs.

Please note: Do not use your UW-Superior email address as the Campus User ID - use just your username.

*IMPORTANT: use of Qualtrics through this login signifies your agreement to receive approval or certification of excemption from the Institutional Review Board (IRB), as applicable. To determine if your survey requires oversight by the IRB, use the IRB Decision Tree.

Getting Started

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UW-Superior Compliance

Survey Guidelines

Developing a survey that will yield relevant results involves several important steps:

  1. Understand and clearly articulate your objective.
  2. Assess the type of information you will need to collect and its relevant importance.
  3. Use the IRB Decision Tree to determine if your survey requires IRB oversight.
  4. Determine the type of question that is needed to optimally obtain information required.
  5. Write, review and test your survey.
  6. Revise your survey if necessary.
  7. Conduct a final “dry run” test.
  8. Distribute the survey.
  9. Collect responses.
  10. Analyze your results.

For more information about developing a survey that will meet your needs, including how to construct the survey, write questions, collect the data and analyze the results, review the Information Guide – Choose either the Basic Overview (left column) or the A-Z Guide (central page).

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

If your survey involves research with human subjects you will likely need to gain approval from the Institutional Review Board prior to conducting your survey.  For further guidance and to determine if your survey requires approval, complete the IRB Decision Tree Survey.

Computing Policy and Guidelines

Use of Qualtrics is subject to the same policies and guidelines for the use of UW-Superior computing resources as other services on campus. Please refer to the UW-SuperiorComputing Policy and Guidelines for more information. 

Qualtrics Account Upgrade (Permissions)

Your Qualtrics account is created upon your initial login and you may begin building surveys immediately.  However, accounts must be upgraded to provide the permissions necessary to distribute and share surveys.

Request an account upgrade by sending an email with a brief description of your project and your IRB approval number, if applicable, to ir@uwsuper.edu. If you aren’t sure you need IRB approval, please use the IRB Decision Tree form. If you are using Qualtrics as part of a classroom project, please read on:

Class Project (Student)
Your instructor will send you an email with an account upgrade code, instructions, and Qualtrics resources if your project is covered under the class project IRB certification, otherwise your instructor will work with you to submit the appropriate IRB submission forms for approval and to request a Qualtrics account upgrade.  

Class Project (Instructor)
Instructors request Qualtrics account upgrades (permissions) for all students involved with a class project when they complete the IRB required Course Certification form. After submission instructors will receive an email with an account upgrade code, instructions, and Qualtrics resources to forward to their applicable students.