Meeting and Submission Dates

Meeting and Submission Dates

If it is anticipated that the proposal will be appropriate for review at the exempt or expedited level, it may be submitted at any time.

If it is anticipated that the proposal will require full board review, the proposal should be submitted one week before the monthly meeting of the IRB to allow each committee member to fully read and review the proposal.

The committee will provide a response within two weeks for "exempted" and "expedited" research. Proposals requiring a full board review may take longer. Although some proposals are accepted as originally submitted, the author should expect that the committee's response will probably point out areas where modifications are needed, and that the committee will expect the proposal to be modified and resubmitted. Occasionally, even the resubmitted proposal will be returned for further modification, lengthening the process to six or more weeks.

Meeting Dates for the Full Board

The Institutional Review Board for Protection of Human Subjects meets once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters. Since most of the review process happens outside the meeting, approval decisions are made on a continuous basis. IRB proposals that require full board review, however, can only be approved at IRB meetings.

Upcoming Committee Meeting Dates:

  • None scheduled at this time

Anyone doing research involving vulnerable populations (e.g., people who are under 18; are incarcerated; have impaired decision-making capacity; or are economically or educationally disadvantaged), or that involve greater than minimal risk or the collection of highly invasive biological samples (e.g., blood draws), should aim to submit their applications at least a week before these dates in order to avoid long delays in processing.

Deadlines for proposals requiring Full Board review:

Submissions are due by 4:00 p.m. a week before the meeting.