Report of Classroom Project

Is your classroom eligible for exclusion from review and approval from the UWS IRB?

If you can answer "yes" to all of the following statements, then you may submit the Faculty/Staff report of classroom projects involving human participants.

  • The research project will be conducted by students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate course at the University of Wisconsin-Superior as a course requirement.
  • The primary goal of the project is student learning in the methods and procedures of research.
  • The instructor has complete oversight of all aspects of the research project.
  • The instructor will take complete responsibility for overseeing the project including ethical behavior for all students during the project.
  • There is no intent to produce generalizable knowledge from the project.
  • The findings will only be presented to UWS students or employees in a classroom setting.
  • The project involves minimal risk to participants.
  • The project does not involve sensitive topics or information that, if disclosed, would place a participant at risk.
  • The project does not involve participation of people from vulnerable populations.
  • Participation is fully voluntary; participants will take part in the project free of any pressure or coercion.

If you have any questions about if your project qualifies for this category of report please contact the IRB at

Faculty/Staff report of Classroom Projects involving Human Participants



For Capstones and other classes requiring IRB approval:

At the start of the semester, the IRB asks that faculty/staff teaching a capstone class that involves research with human participants the IRB Notification of Capstone Class form be submitted.


IRB Notification of Capstone