Helpful Resources

Below you can find helpful information and resources when considering submissions for IRB review and approval.

Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects 45 CFR part 46, which consists of four subparts, outlines the basic provisions for IRBs and informed consent.

The Belmont Report outlines the basic ethical principles in research involving human subjects. This report written in 1979 by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, served as a foundation for the U.S. system of protection for human research subjects.

Examples of Risk: as part of the IRB submission process researchers are asked to identify and address the risks of harm or discomfort to subjects as a result of participating in their research. This page is designed to provide examples of risk or harm to help you identify potential risks or harm resulting from your research.

Informed Consent is an important component of research involving human subjects. Please review the Informed Consent Guidelines for additional information on creating an informed consent document or statement and key components of informed consent.