Submission Information

The IRB will only consider applications that are word-processed - do not submit a handwritten application. Submit one copy of your proposal.

ALL IRB SUBMISSIONS MUST CONTAIN ONLY 1 FILE. If your submission contains more than one file, it will be returned to you.

For Faculty/Staff Supervising student research:

All research conducted by students (undergraduate and graduate) must be submitted for IRB approval by the faculty/staff overseeing the project. Student proposals that are submitted by the student will not be reviewed.

All faculty/staff that oversee student research must complete the IRB training. Until the faculty/staff member completes this training, the IRB will not review student research proposals. For access to the IRB training please contact

Student research proposals must contain the normal IRB submission form. Prior to review, the faculty must also submit the Quality Assurance Statement. Note, the Quality Assurance Statement may be submitted once as a blanket assurance for an entire Capstone class.

It is the expectation of the IRB that all student research proposals will be thoroughly reviewed by the faculty/staff mentor.

At the start of the semester, the IRB asks that faculty/staff teaching a capstone class that involves research with human participants the IRB Notification of Capstone Class form be submitted.

All submissions must be sent electronically to