Services and Programs

Check out all the events, programming, and support services we offer. For specific information on upcoming events, take a look at our calendar.  All events are drug and alcohol free.

Finals events 

De-stress and prepare for finals with series of events. Events include Smoothie and Study Tips, Game Night, Study Tables, and many more events. All events include snacks.  

EDI graduation 

Celebrate the accomplishments of individuals who are served by EDI in this informal graduation ceremony. 


RISE Community Circles is a free, two-year cohort program that aims to provide a support network for underrepresented minority students during their transition into and through the first two years of their college careers. 


Success, Achievement, and Persistence Plan is an individually designed success plan for students who are struggling academically, personally, or socially during their time at UWS.  

Immigration Advising 

Advise international students on their non-immigrant visa requirements and help them maintain immigration status. Services include health insurance, tax, practical trainings, etc.