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Yellowjacket Tradition

Yellowjacket Tradition

'Jacket Racket

Yellowjacket Tradition

Throughout the years, UW-Superior has celebrated the Yellowjacket Tradition in multiple ways. In its inaugural year, 'Jacket Racket is a weekend dedicated to honoring the spirit of the black and yellow. The weekend brings together students, alumni and community members to be proud for their traditions and embrace their Yellowjacket pride.

Get Involved!Men's Hockey

'Jacket Racket is full of activities and events for students, alumni, and community members. From a Nearly Naked Mile to the hockey game, and everything in between, campus is sure to be buzzing with excitement.

To get involved check out the 
Schedule of Events!

Students - Your chance to win Tuition*!



Student - Be sure to get to as many 'Jacket Racket events and get your 'Jacket Racket Punch Card filled up! One lucky student will be able to compete for the chance to win tuition*!




Attend events and WIN with our "selfie" contest!

Show your Yellowjacket Spirit!Snap a "selfie" using the photo scavenger hunt list. Share your photos on Instagram using #JacketRacket and #MySuperiorSide. The more you share, the better your chances are to win great prizes!

Photo Scavenger Hunt rules:

Out of the 20 "selfies" list, you must complete at least 10 to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of four prize bags. You have up to three chances to be entered - once at 10 completed "selfies," again at 15 completed "selfies," and then again when you complete the entire list. In order for the "selfies" to count, you must use #JacketRacket and #MySuperiorSide, post your pictures to Instagram, and you MUST be included in the image. If you are not in the image, you do not upload the images to Instagram, or you do not include the hashtags, the pictures will not be counted.

Scavenger Hunt list:

  1. Creating your mask at the Monday (11/10) tabling event
  2. With Buzz at the hockey game
  3. With the Chancellor at Union Bash
  4. With someone "nearly naked" at the Nearly Naked Mile
  5. Riding the mechanical surfboard at the Union Bash
  6. Striking a pose at the dance-off at Union Bash
  7. With the Interim Dean of Students
  8. Making a sign at the Friday (11/14) tabling event
  9. Wearing your mask at the Union Bash
  10. With the Student Government president Mack Peters
  11. Cheering on the Yellowjackets with your sign at the hockey game
  12. Wearing black and yellow
  13. With an actor in full costume from Medea
  14. Wearing 5+ beads and with a kazoo
  15. Playing a Minute to Win It game during tabling
  16. With your full punch card
  17. AT the late night skate
  18. You in the crowd at 'Jacket Jam
  19. "Blacked-Out" at the hockey game
  20. With 5+ members of an athletic team in black and yellow attire

Jacket Racket
Schedule of Events


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