Eliot Sweere

The Foundation scholarship I was awarded does not just help alleviate the financial burden I face as a student. It also greatly helps helps my ability to complete any educational task sent my way. I am more strongly motivated to become a better asset to the campus radio station, KUWS, as well as to UW-Superior as a whole. I am incredibly honored and grateful that I can accept the scholarship support, and am very excited for the future is helps open up. Thank you Foundation donors for helping create these opportunities!

What 3 words would you use to describe 91.3 FM KUWS Superior at UW-Superior?

Entertaining, educational and sincere.

What else do you or did you like about 91.3 FM KUWS Superior at UW-Superior?

I love the staff here at the station and I have enjoyed getting to know them better.  I also really love the recording equipment…

What are your plans after graduation or what are you doing now?

Not too sure…