KUWS Spotlights

Lakota Villamayor

Lakota - Music Program

I've just started working here and everyone is very kind and supportive. I’m glad I can work here for my first job.
Margo Skolaski

Margo - Art Therapy Program

I love being able to be a part of something so big, the coffee is nice too.
Micaela Strait

Micaela - Studio Art Program

Working at the radio station fits my style of work perfectly, I get to be creative and make people happy by listening to music.
Emily Koch

Emily - Art Education Program

I can say with ease that college radio has been one of the best parts of my experience here at UW-Superior.
Eliot Sweere

Eliot - Communicating Arts Program

The Foundation scholarship I was awarded does not just help alleviate the financial burden I face as a student. It also greatly helps helps my ability to complete any educational task sent my way. I am more strongly motivated to become a better asset to the campus radio station, KUWS, as well as to UW-Superior as a whole. I am incredibly honored and grateful that I can accept the scholarship support, and am very excited for the future is helps open up. Thank you Foundation donors for helping create these opportunities!
Ben Pettit

Ben - Music Performance Program

Doing my show for 91 Jazz Street has been an amazing experience! I started doing my show in the summer of 2017 because a friend of mine told me it would be a great way to explore jazz. Even though I was reluctant at first, I found that being an on-air DJ was very enjoyable and enlightening. Before I worked at the station, I didn't listen often to jazz. Now, I absolutely adore jazz and feel comfortable playing it in on-campus ensembles.
Olivia Shalaby


Being a journalist has been my dream for years. However, some days with everything going on I question myself to why I’m studying journalism. Coming into the station and working on stories reminds me of why I choose this path. I’m thankful that we have a place like this on campus.
Cheryl Champion

Cheryl - Studio Art Program

I wasn’t ready to retire…
Josh Stangle

Josh - Mathematics Program

Jazz is one of very few truly American inventions. It is part of our national identity and a gift to the world. At KUWS we get to share that 5 nights a week.
Crystal Detlefsen

Crystal - Communication Program

I enjoy finding new music and acts and sharing them with our listeners, that's why I created the 9 O'clock Meltdown.