Lakota Villamayor

I've just started working here and everyone is very kind and supportive. I’m glad I can work here for my first job.

Activities:  I like to do all sorts of things.  I like to do arts and crafts while watching something on TV or YouTube.  I change between coloring in those complex coloring-books, crochet, cross-stitching, and other artsy things.  I also like to play video games and board games. 

What 3 words would you use to describe 91.3 FM KUWS Superior at UW-Superior?

Supportive, Laid-back, and Efficient 

What else do you or did you like about 91.3 FM KUWS Superior at UW-Superior?

I feel very welcomed. 

What are your plans after graduation or what are you doing now?

It will take a lot of time and effort but I want a job where I can play, compose, and/or arrange TV-show and movie soundtracks.