Canvas FAQs


  • Please review the following information about using our Canvas system. We share this information with new UW-Superior students to ensure they’re able to access and utilize their Canvas courses successfully. As you read through this guide, please keep the following notes in mind:

    • Students can login to Canvas using their UW-Superior credentials via our Learn@UW-Superior Canvas login page. If you need assistance logging into Canvas or resetting your UW-Superior passwords, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk.
    • Canvas data is stored indefinitely, but you will only be able to login to Canvas as long as you’re an enrolled student and have active UWS credentials. Students have access to their email and other campus accounts for 180 days beyond university separation. For more information about this timeline, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk.
    • UW-Superior does not require that instructors use Canvas for all classes. Canvas courses are available to all instructors, for every class, but instructors do not need to make their Canvas courses available to students.
    • If you have a question about your Canvas course, we recommend checking in with your instructor first, to ensure they’re aware of the issue.
    • Canvas Support is available 24/7/365 via the Help menu in Canvas. When contacting Canvas Support, we recommend using the Live Chat support option to make the support process more efficient. The Live Chat generates a downloadable transcript of the conversation and allows the Support Tech to look up your user account to see your course list.
  • If you’re having trouble finding a course in Canvas, the following steps can help you locate it:

    1. Contact your instructor to confirm that your course will be offered in Canvas and that it’s configured to be published and accessible to students by the current date.
    2. Check your All Courses list. Remember that the Canvas Dashboard is intended to show a subset of your favorite courses (starred on the All Courses page).

    If you still can't find your course, please note:

    • Some UW-Superior classes are not offered in Canvas.
    • Canvas courses need to be Published by the course instructor in order for students to see it.
    • Canvas courses may be configured to allow students to view or participate in the course only after a specific date. Students may need to wait until the start date of the class in order to access the course in Canvas—or contact their instructor if they’re still unable to access it at that time.

    Canvas Student Guide: How do I use the Dashboard?

    Note for Continuing Education Students

    If this is your first time logging into Canvas, and you can’t locate your Continuing Education course, please ask your instructor to send your course invitation again.

    Your Canvas account is not active until you log in for the first time. It is important to try logging into Canvas regardless of when your class will be available, because doing so will ensure you have an active Canvas account that staff can enroll in training courses or message via Canvas.

  • Upon logging into Canvas, you’ll typically see the Canvas Dashboard, but it may not show all of your current class enrollments. It’s important to visit the Canvas All Courses page to view a full list of your Canvas enrollments, including newly-added courses and concluded courses from previous terms.

    Canvas Student Guide: How do I view all my Canvas courses?

    If you recently enrolled in a class, or you were just added from the waitlist, you may not be added to the corresponding Canvas course until the next morning. It can take up to 24 hours for students to gain access to a Canvas course after they’re enrolled.

  • If a course is available for access, it will be listed under All Courses. If it is not listed there, please contact your instructor first, as they will likely need to update your Canvas course to grant students access. Canvas Support will not be able to change Canvas course settings without permission from that course’s instructor.

    However, please note that instructors are not required to grant students access to a concluded Canvas course (like those from a previous term). Students should download and backup local copies of their work while their courses are still open. Students should reach out to Canvas Support via the Canvas Help menu if they need assistance downloading their assignment submissions.

  • When enrolled in more than one Canvas course, you can customize the active courses you want to show in your Course list. To remove a course from the Dashboard, visit the All Courses page, and toggle the star icon next to the course.

    Canvas Student Guide: How do I customize my Courses list?

  • There are multiple Canvas support guides regarding the ePortfolio tool, but these two answer the most common questions:

    If you have additional questions about the ePortfolio tool, please contact Canvas Support via the Help menu in Canvas.

  • When completing audio and video assignments in Canvas, please use Kaltura My Media. The guides below walk through adding your My Media items to a Canvas course.

    You can record a video or recording of your screen using Kaltura Capture, a free tool that can automatically upload to the My Media tool in our Canvas system. The guides below walk through setting up Kaltura Capture and using it to record videos you can then use in your Canvas Courses.

  • Canvas works best using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers on a computer running MacOS or Windows. You may encounter issues when completing coursework using Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Please complete high-stakes assessments and timed coursework—such as quizzes and exams—using one of the two recommended browsers on a MacOS or Windows computer. Note: Assessments proctored with Honorlock must be completed using Google Chrome.

    Occasionally, you may notice that certain Canvas items won’t display in your browser or a page doesn’t load as expected. Refresh your browser to see if that resolves the issue. If it doesn’t, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

    • Ensure you’re accessing Canvas using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
    • Check if one of your browser extensions is blocking Canvas content from loading.
    • Log into Canvas using a private browsing session and visit the page that isn’t loading properly. If it loads correctly in your private browsing session, quit and restart your browser, and then clear your browser cache if you’re still unable to view the broken content.

    If following these steps don’t solve the issue, please contact Canvas Support via the Help menu in Canvas. As with any recurring issue in Canvas, if a course deadline is approaching and the issue is preventing you from completing your work on time, we recommend notifying your instructor via email immediately so they’re aware of the issue.