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Acquisitions (Gifts and Donations) Policies

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Jim Dan Hill Library

Acquisitions (Gifts and Donations) Policies

Gifts and Donations

Donations of books, journals, magazines, manuscripts, audio visual, and other materials are welcome and appreciated.  The library also welcomes monetary gifts to support its collection.  For further information please contact Laura Jacobs, the interim Library Director.

We accept donations unconditionally with the understanding that we are not obligated to include them in our collection.  Donations are evaluated by the library staff for inclusion in the library collection.  Items not added to the collection are put on our freebie shelf or otherwise disposed. 

All donations and gifts are acknowledged by a letter to the donor.  Please enclose your name and address with your donated materials so that we may send you a gift acknowledgement.

Federal tax regulations prohibit UW libraries from giving appraisals or estimates of value for donations.  Valuation is the responsibility of the donor.

If you have any questions regarding gift donations please contact Beverly Sturgis.


Suggesting Materials for Purchase

UWS Faculty and staff may recommend materials to be added to the collection.  You may request forms from the acquisitions staff or fill out the online Purchase Suggestion Form.

ChoiceReviews Online is available.  ChoiceReviews online reviews current publications, including websites, in many disciplines and has all of the pertinent bibliographic information in the citation.  Searches can be done by title, author, or keyword.  Please contact your department chair or Laura Jacobs for information on gaining access to ChoiceReviews online.  Some disciplines may not have reviews included each month.

The library also furnishes blank request cards.  The following information is needed:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • ISBN (optional)
  • Price (optional)
  • Departmental Head
  • Signature (required)
  • Requestors Signature (required)

Request cards should be sent to Laura Jacobs for final approval.  The department library liaison and the department chair person are notified of the department's allocation at the beginning of the academic year.  The funds allocated for departmental requests are used for ordering books, non-print materials, and periodicals.  Orders will be charged to departmental library materials allocations.  Orders that faculty and staff make directly to a publisher may not be honored by the library.

Once books are received they are sent to the Cataloging Department to be processed.  You will be notified by campus mail or e-mail if requested.  After the book has been catalogued it will be held in your name for one week.  New books are displayed in the reading area of the first floor of the library before they are shelved in the stacks at the Garden Level. 

If you have any questions concerning publisher information, prices and availability please contact Beverly Sturgis.

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