Rachel Tuve

My ASL experience was at Superior Children’s Center which is a daycare that serves children ages 6 months-4 years. During my time at the Superior Children’s Center, I learned a lot about child development, how children behave, as well as how to work with young kids. In my community, I value a sense of safety and belonging, which I helped to foster at the daycare. I want to live in a place where I know a lot of the people surrounding me and a lot of them know me. The scholarship money I have received during my time at UWS has supported me in all my aspirations, including the ASL assignment where I received real world experience in my career field.

“It seems crazy to me.  I’m only a college student, but I can still make a big difference,” said Rachel Tuve, a sophomore psychology major from Superior, WI. For her Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) experience in Psychology 372: Childhood and Adolescent Development, Rachel had the opportunity to serve 15 hours throughout a semester at Superior Children’s Center.

Rachel spent her Friday mornings helping toddlers and infants during playtime, which was a new experience for her. Previously, she only had experience working with children 13 years of age and older. However, she said this didn’t influence her attitude on her first day. She felt it was important to go in with an optimistic mindset to set herself up for success.

At the end of the semester, she felt she had a better idea of how young children think and act.  Many of the topics she learned within her course were solidified by her experiences at the daycare center. For example, Rachel was able to witness some developmental milestones that infants experience, such as biological reflexes, cognitive conditioning, and psychosocial development).

Rachel shared one piece of advice for future AS-L students, “Even if AS-L seems intimidating, take this learning experience seriously because your service does make a difference.”  

Rachel said her AS-L experience helped her understand the impact she can have by serving her community and serving as a role model. She said she was certain the experience would help with her in her future as a marriage and family therapist.