McNair Scholars Alumni 2011

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2011 McNair Scholars

  • Stevie Blanchard, Sociology, Northland College
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stacie Furia, Northland College
  • Seth Bliss, Math and Biology
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Balcer
  • Angela Castillini, Psychology and Sociology
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shevaun Stocker
  • Alison Gondik, Biology
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michelle Arnhold
  • Jaime Jost, English
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Raychel Reiff
  • Caitlin Leach, Environmental Science, UMD
    Faculty Mentor: Ms. Jennifer Olker, UMD
  • Abdi Mohamud, Chemical Engineering, UMD
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alison Hoxie, UMD
  • Angel Petite, Communications and Political Science
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Keith Berry
  • Michael Ross, Math
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Rosenberg
  • Angela Shermer, Social Work
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Monica Roth Day
  • Emily Stephenson, Sociology, Northland College
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brandon Hofstedt, Northland College
  • Chnice Watson, Health Education, UMD
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Georgia Keeney, UMD