McNair Scholars Alumni 2012

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2012 McNair Scholars

  • John Adler, English
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Schlacks
  • Dale Anderson, Psychology
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shevaun Stocker
  • Michael Christianson, Wellness/Fitness Management
    Faculty Mentor: Ms. Kim Lebard-Rankila
  • Stanly Granger, Exercise Science
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Simpson
  • Derek Krivinchuk, Business Administration/Economics
    Faculty Mentor: Mr. Diek Carlson
  • Jean Lohese, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UMD
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anne Hinderliter, UMD
  • Jenna Osterlund, Psychology
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eleni Pinnow
  • Becca Peterson, Individually Designed: Anthropology and Media Studies
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Augsburger
  • Kirsten Scheid, Visual Arts/Art History
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Olawole Famule
  • Jenny Schlender, Speech Communications
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Martha Einerson
  • Michelle Stricker, Sociology
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marshall Johnson