Scholars Responsibilities

Students are responsible for acting in a professional manner with regard to faculty mentors. As such, we have these guidelines for students:

  1. Show up to appointments on time.
  2. Call at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make a scheduled meeting time.
  3. Know which mode of communication will get to your mentor (Contact them via email? By phone? In person?)
  4. Defer to your mentor's expertise in regard to your research methodology, writing style, and/or paper development.
  5. Be a hard worker. Look, listen, and learn.
  6. Communicate! Avoid misunderstandings by letting your faculty mentor know what you are doing and by asking for information when you are uncertain about procedures or what to do next.
  7. Accept constructive criticism and resolve to act on it. Be open to feedback and incorporate the suggestions.
  8. Absence, tardiness, failure to complete assigned tasks and excuses, no matter how valid, do not signify professional behavior. Organize your schedule so that excuses are not necessary.

Realize the help faculty give you can extend far beyond your research. They are valuable resources and can be very important to your future!