Pruitt Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being

The Pruitt Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being is a gathering hub, serving to provide mindfulness and well-being resources and expertise, learning projects, and personal/professional development activities. The Pruitt Center is committed to advancing the science and practice of mindfulness and well-being, utilizing a multidimensional framework that recognizes a diverse population within the UW-Superior campus and surrounding region. The Pruitt Center is also focusing efforts on establishing partnerships and collaboration across campus and the greater community.


The mission of the Pruitt Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being at the University of Wisconsin-Superior is to promote and enhance the science and practice of mindfulness and well-being for students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities.

COVID-19 Resources for Well-Being

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Our vision is to become nationally recognized for the integration and advancement of mindfulness and well-being in higher education. 


We believe that regardless of discipline or position, we all have the opportunity to be teachers and learners of well-being. UW-Superior’s commitment to wellbeing encourages all members of our campus and local community to learn what it means to be mindful, to improve relationships, to manage stress and adversity, to develop a range of interests and strengths, and to establish a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives and careers.
We believe education has a dual purpose: building intellectual growth and fostering the development of well-being. This provides individuals with the knowledge and skills for career preparation along with the abilities to live authentically with greater meaning and purpose. UW-Superior has made a deliberate commitment to advancing mindfulness and well-being as a priority for all students, faculty, and staff to improve campus climate, reduce mental health concerns, and improve achievement and retention efforts.