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Upward Bound 2014 academic/recreational accomplishments at UW-Superior

Posted on Jul 17, 2014
Summer of fun and learning with Upward Bound. Next stop New York City!
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Upward Bound 2014 academic/recreational accomplishments at UW-Superior

Upward Bound has 31 students from Superior taking part in programming this summer as they end their academic opportunities here on campus.  Now the group can focus on their next journey which is New York City!  Here is a review of the summer so far for the UW-Superior Upward Bound program.  Science Week ended in Wascott, Wisconsin on Thursday, July 17.


Week 1 recap:


This week was great.  Lots of fun seeing the students return to campus and getting to know the new freshmen.  This year is different by not partnering with another program. It has been nice to focus just on our students and not have to worry about communicating with others, but we do miss having another program to bounce ideas off, their energy, and students.


Energizer Olson kicked off the week on Monday night with motivational activities and speaking.  The students were thrilled to listen to him and gained a lot.  A great way to start off the summer program.   Other evening activities included, our MWC Rec night (always a blast playing with the students), the regional dance in the YU great room (fun to interact with other UB's that visit), a movie night (we watched Happy Gilmore) and then Friday check out. The students also started their English and Theater classes.  Students are reading Fahrenheit 481 and leaning all different things in theater.  The week was busy and the students were tired at the end.


Week 2

Was another fun filled week and students continued to work diligently! Students were excited to check back in and that went very smooth. After check in, students then participated in the flag retirement ceremony and Sam sang the star spangled banner.  This ceremony is always a highlight for Mary.  We then discuss the next few days as a group and lined up what the student were doing for the talent show.  Monday night students played again in the MWC Rec center and then came over to Thorpe to practice their talents.  I was very encourage and excited to see what the students had to offer.  Tuesday night the students invited their families to join us for the BBQ and Talent show.   The talent show was the highlight of the week.  Our students' performances were amazing!  Our top three acts of the night were Lexi Robley singing and playing the piano, Questan Barker performing with her batons, and Sami Lego and Emma Hengemuhle playing on their violins.  They then went on to CSS on Thursday to perform in the regional talent show.  Lexi took 3rd place.  Special considerations go out to the KISS air cover band called Smooch and the comedy act of Caroline and Olivia.


Wednesday night we enjoyed watching the movie, always nice to relax in the middle of the week.  Thursday was a big day. During the student's afternoon class, we went off campus to KBJR and FOX News.  At these stations students learned how the different theater aspects are important in the news rooms.  We have some fun group pictures.  After this field trip and a quick stop back at campus, we then took the students on a picnic and spent group time at Enger Tower in Duluth.  It was a beautiful day to spend outside.  We then went to CSS for the talent show (variety of judges for next year please?).


Friday, students completed their classes of English and Theater with different test and their theater production.  Always fun to see students perform what they have been working on for the last two weeks.  Students really grow and come out of their shells in just the short time we have had them on campus.


Week 3

Is the short week of the summer due to the holiday. It is nice to have a little more rest time on the weekend so students can recharge for the remainder of the summer. Students headed over to Swenson for presentation on local scholarship opportunities.  Monday kicked off a whole new set of classes.  Students attended math classes in the morning and Spanish classes in the afternoon.  Monday also introduced a new fun evening activity that we have not done before.  We played a campus wide capture the flag, students had a blast and the black squad took home the trophy.


Tuesday, we took the students to Park Point in Duluth.  I usually enjoy taking the students off campus for something different and this was no different. While the weather wasn't scorching hot, it still was beautiful enough to hang out on the beach. After supper students did a community service project and cleaned up the beach for about 30 minutes.  They did an excellent job and I was very proud of them.   The remainder of the evening saw students playing on the playground, in the fields, and on the beach.  One of their highlights is when they were able to burry Derek in the sand and watch him try to dig himself out.


Wednesday, we headed over to Barker's Island to play mini golf and listen to live music.  Again, it was nice to get the students off campus for an activity and it sounded like everyone enjoyed the round of golf.  Student check out on Thursday went smooth.  The RAs decided on Angie Olson to be the student of the week and she was very much deserving as she has a servant heart. 


Week 4 recap:


Where did all the time go? I always say the days are long but the weeks are short.  This was our last week on campus and to sum it up: Eventful.  Sunday night after check in we indulged in homemade ice-cream goodness and then played a bunch of activities.  I think the students were hyped up on sugar because they were very energetic that evening.  Monday kicked off the last week of classes and Professor Bender provided pizza for lunch. We are very thankful.  Monday night's activity was epic.  First time we took the student canoeing down the Brule River.  We didn't lose anyone, but we all got wet.  Needless to say, 80% of the students had an excellent time, and the others, well… they survived.


Tuesday, we enjoyed the MWC facilities for a rec night. Following rec night we played an exciting game of student vs staff softball. Past staff members came in to join the team and have fun. As usual the staff had the most points at the end of the game, but everyone who had fun actually won. Wednesday was a field trip day for the math class. We went to the aquarium to figure out different equations.  In the evening we watched a movie. Following the movie, students tie-dyed their team t-shirts for Wacky Olympics.


Thursday, we went to Guadalajara for lunch and then to Fairlawn Mansion and the Bong Memorial with the Spanish classes.  Field trip days are always enjoyable as the students are able to experience different enrichment activities outside of campus.  Thursday even was our 9th annual Wacky Olympic tournament.  It is always fun to see the students' great sportsmanship and excitement with the different station events.  In first place we had Tianna's Tigers, second place Derek's Delinquents, and in third was Wong's Warriors.  The students were great.  That night the seniors had their annual all-nighter in the res halls, which turned into a giant cleaning project.   

Friday brought on final test in the student's Math and Spanish classes.  After classes the students go back to their rooms to deep clean and fully check out.  This ends the awesome four weeks the students spent on campus.  They went fast! The days are long, but the weeks are short.


Next week we head off to our Science camp in Wascott, WI where students will learn all different aspects of scientific methods.  Finally our 6th week, where we will be experiencing cultural, historical, academic enrichment activities in New York City. As always, the students of the UW-Superior Upward Bound Program and the best!


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Dylan A. Pforr

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University of Wisconsin-Superior




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