Weather and Emergency Hotline

When the university cancels classes or closes the campus because of an emergency, this is how it will notify students and employees: 

  1. SAFE Alerts
    A message will be sent to the cell phones of SAFE Alert users. Sign up for this service at

  2. UW-Superior social media
    Messages will be posted on the official UW-Superior Facebook page and on Twitter.

  3. UW-Superior homepage
    A message will be posted on the UW-Superior homepage at 

  4. UW-Superior e-mail
    A message will be sent to everyone by e-mail from UW-Superior News. 

  5. Weather and Emergency Hotline
    Call the UW-Superior Weather and Emergency Hotline at (715) 394-8400 .

    This recorded message gives you the latest information about any campus-wide class cancellation or campus closing. It is updated by 6 a.m. for changes affecting daytime classes and by 2 p.m. for changes affecting evening classes. The hotline can handle many calls at once. If you get a busy signal, dial again. 

  6. Regional broadcast media
    Information about weather cancellations or other emergencies is relayed to radio and TV stations in Superior and Duluth, including KUWS 91.3 FM.



 Media Websites

Keep in mind that power failures may make it impossible for one or more of these methods to be used. If in doubt, check more than one source of information.

These notifications will be used only for campus-wide situations. Changes or cancellations of individual classes must be communicated by instructors to students in a pre-arranged manner.