July 21, 2017

Did You Know? - July, 2017 - Leave Benefits

FYI: Beginning August 2017, a separate monthly message will be sent to campus from the HR office introducing all new employees. We will include the employees name, title, department and hire date. Please keep your eye out for this information each month and welcome all new employees to your campus community.

This month’s email will be directed towards all leave eligible employees.

DID YOU KNOW: The Leave benefits we receive at UW Superior are fantastic and meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let the details of leave reporting and accounting frustrate you. If you have questions please contact your Supervisor or HR for assistance.

DID YOU KNOW: employee leave time runs on either the calendar year (CY) or the fiscal year (FY)?

  • University Staff (US), paid every two weeks, have their leave allocated, rolled over and expired on January 1 at the turn of the CY
  • Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited (FASL), paid one a month, have their leave allocated, rolled over and expired on July 1, the turn of the FY

DID YOU KNOW: personal holiday and legal holiday balances do not carry over into the new year?

  • All employees (US and FASL) must use their personal holiday and legal holiday in the same year that it is earned/allocated or they will lose it when the CY/FY changes
  • If a legal holiday falls on a Saturday or a day which you are regularly scheduled to work, you will be given a ‘floating’ legal holiday. The floating legal holiday can be used at any time in the CY or FY, and would be entered as an absence request using the legal holiday option. There may not be a floating legal holiday each year, it will depend on the calendar and your individual working schedule. Like personal holiday, floating legal holiday must be used by the end of the FY or CY.

DID YOU KNOW: sick leave continually carries over with no cap/max and never expires?

DID YOU KNOW vacation only carries over for one year?

  • For example, vacation earned in 2016 and not used in 2016 carried over into 2017. If those hours earned and carried over are still not used in 2017, they will not be carried over into 2018, they will be lost.
  • Only the new hours from 2017 will be carried over into 2018.

DID YOU KNOW: that you do not need to specify vacation carryover when entering an absence request? The system automatically knows to use your carryover before your newly earned vacation.

DID YOU KNOW: sabbatical and the annual leave reserve account (ALRA) are now known as Banked Leave?

  • Banked leave accumulates from year to year without limit, does not expire and can be used like any other paid leave
  • FASL and US employees with 10+ full years of state service are eligible to move up to 40 hours of their annual vacation entitlement each year in a Banked Leave Account.
  • US employees that have accrued at least 520 hours of sick leave may be eligible to bank leave time despite years of service.
  • If unused, the deferred time may be paid as a lump-sum cash payment upon termination/retirement

DID YOU KNOW: all FASL employees must submit leave reports via employee self-service (ESS) monthly?

  • Missing leave reports from the prior year will result in a reduction of sick leave balances on the 9-30 paycheck

DID YOU KNOW: you can visit your portal to view which leave reports you may be missing?

  • Go to 'My UW System Portal' > Time and Absence > You will see an outstanding leave report link only if you have missing leave reports

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