July 9, 2020

ICE rule change and international students

Dr. Renée Wachter

Dr. Renée Wachter

UW-Superior is committed to holding on-campus classes as is feasible and to remain welcoming and supportive of international students

Update: The recent ICE rule requiring international students to transfer or leave the country if their schools held classes entirely online because of the pandemic has been rescinded.


The following is a message from UW-Superior Chancellor Renée Wachter


Dear Campus Community,

You may have seen in the news recently that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a temporary rule that prohibits international students from returning to or remaining in the United States this fall if the colleges they attend adopt online-only instruction models amid the pandemic.

The rule is written in such a way that it leaves more questions than answers and is creating confusion and frustration during a time that is already fraught with uncertainty. The one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that we remain committed to keeping our doors open, holding on-campus classes as is feasible and safe, and remain welcoming and supportive of our international students both collectively and individually as we all navigate this situation.

Campus leadership and those working most closely with our international students and I are in continuous contact with each other and with UW System as we try to make sense of this rule and its potential impact on our students’ course of study, while also advocating at the federal level for flexibility during this public health challenge.

In the meantime, we are reaching out to our students. From the team at the Office of Intercultural Student Success, International Admissions, Academic Affairs and faculty, athletics, and more ... so many units are making sure that our students feel cared for and get the information that they need. I would ask all of us to take the time to reach out to students or friends and check in on them. This is part of being in this together and a part of the culture of care as we look out for each other.

We are so proud of the fact that our campus has the second-highest percentage of international students in the entire UW System. The 49 countries that make up our student body add to the fabric and vibrancy of our campus community. We value them and we want them to continue to see our university as a home away from home. We are doing everything we can to ensure that their presence on our university remains and thrives.

Always Together, #WeAreSuperior


Dr. Renée Wachter

Dr. Renée Wachter



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