May 11, 2021

UW-Superior assistant professor receives Excellence in Science Teaching Award

University of Wisconsin-Superior’s [NAME:TALI1] recently received the Wisconsin Society for Science Teacher’s (WSST) Excellence in Science Teaching Award.

“I am very grateful for the recognition from the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers, a statewide professional organization for science teachers,” said [NAMELASTONLY:TALI1]. “It is a great honor and privilege. It is through my teaching job at UW-Superior that I became, I have come to be a part of this society, so I can bring back to my classrooms innovative ideas to spark curiosity and wonder. When a statewide professional organization noticed my contributions and the impact, I have made through my involvement with them, it gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

[NAMELASTONLY:TALI1], an assistant professor of teacher education and science education, was nominated by the WSST 2020 conference chair Karyl Rosenberg.

“I met Karyl Rosenberg when I attended my first WSST conference in 2016,” said [NAMELASTONLY:TALI1]. “Being new at the campus and in Wisconsin, I wanted to learn more about how science is taught statewide and what supports are available for educators in higher education and new teachers in K-12.”

Along with Rosenberg, Dr. Wendy Kropid, UW-Superior professor of English education and interim assistant dean for educator preparation programs, also provided letters of support.

“We have an amazing team of supportive colleagues in our elementary education program,” said [NAMELASTONLY:TALI1]. “I have learned so much in the last years and continue to learn everyday about the nuances in the world of teacher preparation.”

In November, [NAMELASTONLY:TALI1] was elected as one the three new board members to the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education (WAEE). She has also been involved with the Teacher Education Network for Environmental Education (TENFEE), a special interest group of the WAEE through its summer workshops as well as winter workshops and annual conferences.

Additionally, [NAMELASTONLY:TALI1] has collaborated with the Department of Public Instruction, WSST Elementary Science committee and social studies group to help organize a professional development activity during spring 2020 with the goal of helping in-service teachers learn about new tools and resources that could be used in online and hybrid classrooms.

“I chose the profession of teaching since it fulfills the purpose to make a lasting impact on future generations,” said [NAMELASTONLY:TALI1]. “My students will be teaching the future leaders and change makers and it is important that they get a holistic understanding of environmental education and environmental literacy and sustainability which is one of the core areas I focus on in my science methods courses. I am a lifelong learner and I believe there is no end to continually improving oneself even after receiving recognition for teaching excellence.”


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