June 23, 2020

UW-Superior introduces planU, an alternative online option for first-year students

According to a recent national survey* of prospective college students, about one out of six high school seniors are unsure about their fall college plans due to COVID-19, with as many as 35 percent of those respondents saying they are considering taking a gap year and 13 percent undecided. Yet, studies show there is no single factor more significant in increasing earning potential than a college degree.**

Jeremy Nere, admissions director at the University of Wisconsin-Superior says those statistics prompted the university to look for ways to help students who may be seeking alternate ways to start their college career.

“Most students seem to be comfortable attending college on-campus and we’re excited to reopen with face-to-face classes and activities,” said Nere. “But there are some students who are finding their original plans aren’t feasible due to financial or health concerns, or other reasons related to COVID-19.”

That’s why UW-Superior is offering planU, an alternative online option for those looking for an affordable and convenient way to get started on their college degree now.

planU is a one-semester program for fall semester 2020 that offers a highly transferable set of online courses taught by instructors known for their online instruction skills and personal interaction with students. The program allows students to study from the safety of their home while benefitting from the vibrant UW-Superior campus community through online student activities, resources, and connection with other students in the planU program.

UW-Superior is offering a discounted special tuition rate for the program of $273 per credit, and students are eligible for financial aid, which could mean as low as no out-of-pocket cost for some.

“After the fall semester, students in the planU program have the option of continuing their studies at UW-Superior either on-campus or online, depending on their major, or they can transfer their credits to another institution,” said Nere. “It’s a great way to get general education requirements completed at a highly regarded four-year institution in a cost-effective way. For example, we’re finding that many international students who were planning to come to UW-Superior but are now unable to get a visa are finding this to be a perfect solution.”


*  “Looking Ahead to Fall 2020: How COVID-19 Continues to Influence Choices of College-Going Students,” studentPOLL, Art & Science Group, April 2020.

** "Learn more, earn more: Education leads to higher wages, lower unemployment," Career Outlook, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2020.


UW-Superior Faculty/Staff

To learn more about planU and find out if it would be a good fit for you, contact our admissions office at 715-394-8230 or email admissions@uwsuper.edu, or visit uwsuper.edu/planU and fill out the inquiry form. 



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